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Country Report China: Dairy Cattle Farming


China's milk market is still characterised by extensive imports. Since the melanin scandal in 2008/09, Chinese milk producers have been increasing production, however this increase is not keeping pace with the growing demand. So Dairy cattle farmers are still focusing on improving genetics, building up stock and improving feed quality.

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Thai farmers optimistic about business development

The majority of farmers in Thailand are satisfied with the current business environment and assess the current business environment with cautious optimism.

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Securing profitability a central topic for Thai farmers

As far as investment confidence is concerned, Thailand is at the top compared to other countrie. Sixty-seven percent of the cash crop producers surveyed in Thailand intend to invest in the coming 12 months.

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Milk production in Brazil: signs are pointing to growth

Milk producers currently have to contend with an economic environment that tends to be difficult and is marked by falling producer prices and rising production costs. Nevertheless, dairy cattle farmers are focusing on improvement of genetics and herd management.

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Machinery prices decide about willingness to invest

Insights into the buying behaviour of agricultural technology purchasers is a central factor for the success of technology manufacturers on international agricultural technology markets. The knowledge of the importance of various purchasing criteria is a condition for meeting the farmers' expectations.

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Livestock facilities lead global farmers’ investment intentions

By Dr. Achim Schaffner

The Summer 2018 Agrifuture Insight chart shows the investment focus of many of the world’s farmers is in livestock facilities – Russia is concentrating on the arable sector to capitalize on export trade – Professional subscriptions now available for DLG-Agrifuture Insights.

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Diesel: Better than its reputation

By Frank Volz

DLG PowerMix 2.0: Under practical agricultural conditions there’s little alternative to the modern diesel engine. Current controversies about this power source rely on wrongly-based premises, points out Andreas Ai. He uses the updated PowerMix test to explain.

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Farmers in Thailand and Zambia are most likely to invest in their businesses this year

The scale of modernization under way in Thailand’s farming sector is clear from the latest “Chart of the month” from DLG-Agrifuture Insights. On average, about 70 % of farmers in the country intend investing in their businesses.

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DLG: Continuous high quality

By Dr. Michael Eise

To receive the DLG "continuously tested" Seal of Approval or DLG Quality Label, farm input materials must pass a comprehensive acceptability test featuring practically relevant criteria. An annual control ensures that quality is continually maintained from one batch to the next.

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Boosting performance

By Niels Conradi

With the launch of the Traxion Optimall tyre, Vredestein has extended its product range to include a further model with a "Very High Flexion" (VF) carcass. The tyre was subjected to a DLG test to verify the extra efficiency derived from VF technology.

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Slurry ingredients at a glance

By Dr. Ulrich Rubenschuh

For a long time, the use of near-infra-red sensors (NIRS) has been discussed with regard to the determination of substances in liquid manure. The DLG testing commission "fertilizing technology" has now developed a test framework, and the DLG test centre has carefully examined the first manure NlR sensor.

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