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Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society

DLG Test Center Machinery & Farm Inputs

The DLG Test Centre in Groß-Umstadt provides farmers with information that is an important decision-making aid for investments and practical use.

DLG Competence Center Agriculture

Around 3,000 experts contribute their know-how on a voluntary basis to committees, commissions and quality audits.


The DLG exhibitions offer a platform for presenting innovations, modern products, methods and services and for fostering intensive dialogue.

Current News: Agriculture

DLG-Waldtage 2022 event on the horizon: Exciting program awaits visitors


Exhibitor registration phase started - Event takes place September 9 to 11, 2022 in Lichtenau, Germany - Challenge for climate-friendly forestry

AGRITECHNICA 2022: The venue for the international agricultural industry_


Leading manufacturers are gearing up for the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery - Outstanding reputation of Agritechnica for innovations and investments in international agriculture - "Safe ...

Detect defects before they occur: SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS 2022 shows how smart maintenance is increasingly becoming a reality in the off-highway sector_


What does "smart maintenance" mean for the future in the off-highway sector and how can innovative developments in predictive maintenance be profitably applied in agriculture, construction and forestry? Answers to ...

Digital Agriculture

Opportunities. Risks. Acceptance.

DLG-Testcenter Food

The DLG food product tests supply consumers with neutral and independent findings regarding the quality of food products.

DLG Competence Center Food

The Competence Center offers a broad range of events, expert conferences, seminars and training courses.


DLG organizes a large number of events for the food industry every year.

Current News: Food

DLG to update on “Reducing Food Waste” at the 11th Foodpolis International Conference


Specialist lecture by Simone Schiller, Managing Director, DLG-Competence Center Food – Reducing food waste in primary production and processing

Food Industry Technology Show Korea 2021


The trade fair for international food technology opens its doors for the second time in Seoul (South Korea) from 24 to 27 November 2021 - Parallel to Coex Food Week - German Pavilion joint stand - Booming Asian food ...

International FoodTec Award 2021 Announcement of award winners


International DLG Food Technology Award for pioneering development in terms of innovation, sustainability and efficiency – 20 award winners –


Sorghum millet: Underestimated crop

Like maize, sorghum is a C4 plant. These can achieve high biomass growth in warm and radiant weather. Sorghum's exceptional drought tolerance is based on waxy leaves and a root system that reaches up to 2 m deep, which also enables good nutrient…

Humus: Facts and myths

Everything flows! - So the philosophy goes. A parallel to agriculture can be found in the humus content of the soil. This follows a "flow" equilibrium of supply and decomposition of organic matter. Flow equilibrium means that there is a feedback…

Crisis management: Six tips for more optimism

Of course, there is the cheerful person who has seen the good in the world since childhood. Or the optimist, whose character is simply positive from the ground up. Positive thinking comes rather easily to such people from the outset. Unfortunately,…

DLG AgriFuture Insights

DLG-Agrifuture Insights supplies essential information for agribusiness and farmers from the world’s most important agricultural regions. 

DLG Agrifuture News

DLG Agrifuture is the online information magazine for European agribusiness of the German Agricultural Society (DLG).