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Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society

DLG Test Center Machinery & Farm Inputs

The DLG Test Centre in Groß-Umstadt provides farmers with information that is an important decision-making aid for investments and practical use.

DLG Competence Center Agriculture

Around 3,000 experts contribute their know-how on a voluntary basis to committees, commissions and quality audits.


The DLG exhibitions offer a platform for presenting innovations, modern products, methods and services and for fostering intensive dialogue.

Current News: Agriculture


DLG Test Center honors companies for successfully taking DLG tests



DLG tests for agricultural products for indoor farming (animal husbandry technology e.g.) and farm inputs – 26 companies awarded for 58 successful product tests – companies supply state-of-the-art technology with ...


Jens Kremer appointed Managing Director of DLG International




New DLG 2022 Agri Influencer Award: Nominees selected



Expert jury selects 11 influencers and bloggers on the shortlist of the new competition - winners to be announced at EuroTier 2022 as part of the Younger Farmers Day/Young Farmers Party on 17 November in Hanover  ...

Help for agriculture in Ukraine

If you would like to donate for the farmers in Ukraine, you can find aid organisations and bank details here.

Thank you very much for your support.

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DLG-Testcenter Food

The DLG food product tests supply consumers with neutral and independent findings regarding the quality of food products.

DLG Competence Center Food

The Competence Center offers a broad range of events, expert conferences, seminars and training courses.


DLG organizes a large number of events for the food industry every year.

Current News: Food


2024 International FoodTec Award: Application phase launched



Leading award in international food technology - Expert jury even more international - Seven new jury members - Application deadline: 14 June 2023 - Information at:


Federal Minister of Food, Cem Özdemir, to open Anuga FoodTec 2022



Boasting around 1,000 suppliers, the world's leading trade fair for the food and beverage industry will be the most important industry meeting point in the spring of 2022


Anuga FoodTec 2022 "Smart impulses for a digital future"



Interview with Prof. Katharina Riehn, Chairwoman of the DLG


USA: Where has the land gone?

In the USA, around 6.5 million hectares of agricultural land have disappeared from the statistics since 2013/14. What has happened to these soils? And importantly for the market, can they be quickly brought back into use if needed?

Larvae for animal feed

Imported soy in animal feed is often criticized. So why not produce a high-quality protein feed on farms and, best of all, use it to recycle waste? That's the concept of a Munich-based start-up.

DLG-Practice Monitor: Front loader remains no. 1

What technology do leading farmers rely on when it comes to loading and unloading, lifting and clearing away? The current DLG-PraticeMonitor shows: In agriculture you can't avoid the front loader, but other loading technology is noticeably on the…

DLG Agrifuture News

DLG Agrifuture is the online information magazine for European agribusiness of the German Agricultural Society (DLG).