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Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society

DLG Test Center Machinery & Farm Inputs

The DLG Test Centre in Groß-Umstadt provides farmers with information that is an important decision-making aid for investments and practical use.

DLG Test Center Machinery & Farm Inputs

Around 3,000 experts contribute their know-how on a voluntary basis to committees, commissions and quality audits.


The DLG exhibitions offer a platform for presenting innovations, modern products, methods and services and for fostering intensive dialogue.

Current News: Agriculture

DLG intensifies its forestry offering in 2021 with expanded events program in Germany and a forest focus at Agritechnica


New events and formats: DLG-PraxisSpot “Forest" – DLG-Waldtage postponed to 2022 – Brilon Forest Symposium – DLG Forest World at Agritechnica 2021 – Forest Romania 2021 – Digital information services  ...

AGRITECHNICA 2021: “Green Efficiency – inspired by solutions”


Exhibition date: 14th to 20th November 2021 in Hanover – Exhibitor registration begins 15th November 2020 - World's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery

EuroTier China exhibition sends positive signal to livestock and exhibition sectors: fairs with in-person knowledge-sharing also possible in the pandemic


Over 12,000 visitors over three days; Trade show offered physical and virtual platforms; The German ministry of agriculture co-sponsored opening ceremony and contributed with a German pavilion

Digital Agriculture

Opportunities. Risks. Acceptance.

DLG-Testcenter Food

The DLG food product tests supply consumers with neutral and independent findings regarding the quality of food products.

DLG Competence Center Food

The Competence Center offers a broad range of events, expert conferences, seminars and training courses.


DLG organizes a large number of events for the food industry every year.

Current News: Food

Register now: Food Industry Technology Show Korea 2020


New trade fair for international food technology – premiere parallel to Coex Food Week from 25 to 28 November 2020 in Seoul (South Korea) – cooperation between DLG and Korea's leading trade fair organiser Coex  ...

Food Industry Technology Show Korea celebrates its premiere in 2020


In cooperation with Korea’s leading trade fair organiser Coex, DLG is organising a new trade fair focussing on International Food Technology. – The event will take place parallel to the 15th edition of Coex Food Week. ...


Grain New bread-baskets supply the world

Global grain trade patterns have changed radically in the last ten years. No longer is the USA unchallenged as »bread-basket of the world«. Catching up fast as top grain suppliers are Ukraine, Russia and Brazil. EU exports are also affected – at…

Communication Between factual logic and psycho-logic

Why is it that fact-based arguments have limited chance against the power of imagery in the realm of persuasion – and can the agricultural sector learn from this to improve its own communication?

Insects Neither fish nor flesh

Whether in house or livestock barn, flies are mostly just a nuisance. But from another point of view they could turn out very useful. For instance, Westphalia businessmen Dirk Wessendorf, Martin Ewering and Günter Wielens see flies as providers of…

DLG AgriFuture Insights

DLG-Agrifuture Insights supplies essential information for agribusiness and farmers from the world’s most important agricultural regions. 

DLG Agrifuture News

DLG Agrifuture is the online information magazine for European agribusiness of the German Agricultural Society (DLG).