The John Deere 9500 i forage harvester (model year 2023) in the tested specification achieved throughputs of up to 270 tonnes of fresh mass per hour (at a nominal 7 and 12 mm LOC), demonstrating that it was able to deliver its potential in the prevailing test conditions. The fuel rates per operating hour did not change significantly when the LOC settings were changed. The specific fuel consumption rates dropped when throughput increased. All measurements show overall low rates of 0.49 to 0.58 litres per tonne of harvested material.

Combined slurries with different compositions and varying textures are on the rise. The DLG has reacted to this demand from practice and adapted the DLG test framework for nutrient measurement using near-infrared sensors (NIR sensors).

Our production systems must become more resilient in order to combine productivity, climate protection and biodiversity. How can this be achieved? What role does digitalization play? And where are the new opportunities? DLG President Hubertus Paetow provides answers.

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