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NEP AGRO GmbH Round bale winding net ErntePro

DLG QUALITY SEAL: "Continuous Monitoring"

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The certification mark

The DLG QUALITY SEAL for operating equipment and consum­ables encompasses products, which are subjected to extensive testing of their value-determining and advertised characteristics. The tested criteria and the requirements to be fulfilled are specified by independent commissions and are designed – over and above legal requirements – to prove the product’s fitness for purpose, its advertised characteristics and practical requirements.

Testing contents and requirements are developed further by the responsible specialist departments of the DLG e.V. in line with the applicable legislation, as well as with technical and scientific progress. Successful testing is concluded with the assignment of the DLG QUALITY SEAL. The approved products are then published.

The DLG quality seal test included technical measurements on test benches, in the laboratory and in operational tests. On the test benches, the network length was measured and in the laboratory the maximum tensile force, the elongation at maximum tensile force, weather resistance and change in measure after hot storage. The test basis was the DLG test frame for high-density polyethylene round bale winding nets (PE-HD), as of November 2016.

Assessment in brief

The round bale winding net ErntePro tested here was tested in the DLG quality seal test on test benches and in the ­laboratory for mechanical, physical and aging properties and measured the running length. In the practical investigations, the handling was assessed.

The net is designed for the mechanical winding of bales made with round bales for silage pre­paration, hay and straw.

Table 1: Assessment in brief


* Evaluation range: requirements fulfilled (✔) / requirements not fulfilled (X)

DLG QUALITY PROFILERequirementEvaluation
Net length ≥ nominal length at 5 % preload
Meter weight  nominal meter weight ± 5 %
Maximum traction force ≥ 300 N (measured on 7 threads)
Maximum tractionmean ≥ 18.5 N/cm
Maximum tensile forceminimum-value ≥ 17.5 N/cm
Elongation at maximum tensile force15 %-25 %
Maximum pulling force after agingmean ≥ 15.5 N/cm
Elongation at maximum tensile force after aging≤ 30 % reduction in relation to new condition
Change in measure after hot storageshrinkage ≤ 30 %

The Product

Description and technical data

White round bale winding net with five ca. 3 cm wide blue stripes made of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) with red warning strips at the end of the roll. The winding net is UV-stabilized. It has a width of approx. 1.23 m and is avail­able in the running length 2.000 m. 3.000 m. 3.600 m and 4.500 m.

Table 2: Technical data (company information)

Main dimensions and weights 
Roller length2.000/3.000/3.600/4.500 m
Roller width (+/- 10 mm)1,23 m
Rollers diameter (+/- 10 mm)max. 270 mm
Weight per meter (+/- 5%)11,3 g
Sleeve length (+/- 2 mm)1245 mm
Sleeve inner diameter76 mm
Packagingfoil hose
UV stabilizeryes
Red warning strip last 50 myes


The Method


The suitability as well as the possible use and the areas of application of the round bale winding net were assessed in a practical way.

Running length/meter weight

The barrel length is determined on a roller dynamometer without additional preload. The meter weight is on a 10 m long section.


The maximum tensile force and the elongation at maximum tensile force is determined in the new condition and after weathering of the material according to DIN EN ISO 527-3: 2003-07.

Aging behaviour/weather resistance

The weathering of the material is carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892-2, procedure A.

Change in measure after hot storage

The dimensional change is examined after one hour of storage at 120 °C in accordance with 
DIN 53377: 2007-10.

Detailed account of the test results


The round bale winding net ErntePro is suitable for the mechanical winding of with round balers manufactured bales from good for silage preparation, hay and straw.

In practical use during the growing season in 2020, the winding net has proven.

The cover of the bales from edge to edge was good

Running length/meter weight

With the three available lengths of the net were placed on a roller dynamometer, which was used in Table 3 displayed running lengths.
The meter weight is 10.3 g


Table 3: Measured running lengths


Nominal length
in m
Running length in m
(taking into account a 5 % pre-elongation)


In new condition

The maximum tensile force measured by 7 threads was 379 N (minimum permissible value 300 N). Related to a network width of 1.23 m were used as an average 22.4 N/cm (minimum requirement 18.5 N/cm) and as Minimum value 21.7 N/cm (minimum requirement 17.5 N/cm).

The breaking strength at maximum tensile force was longitudinally 20.9 % in the permitted range from 15 % to 25 %.

The winding net met the DLG requirements.

After aging/weather resistance

After simulation of a one-year natural outdoor ­weathering in the UV climate chamber (for Germany 2,000 MJ/m2) was the maximum tensile force ­measured on 7 threads 318 N and 18.8 N/cm based on a mains width of 1.23 m (minimum permissible value 15.5 N/cm). The elongation at break at maximum tensile force amounted to 17.0 % after artificial aging, i.e. it decreased by 18.6 % (maximum per­mitted 30 %).

The weather resistance was given.

Change in measure after hot storage
The change in measure after one hour of storage at 120 °C was 27.1 % (maximum permitted 30 %).


The criteria tested in this DLG quality seal test are evaluated on the basis of test bench, laboratory and practical tests on the mechanical, physical and aging properties of the round bale winding net ErntePro.

The tested round bale winding net ErntePro has met the requirements of the test frame with regard to of the criteria examined.

Applicant and test implementation



Im Lohr 24
68199 Mannheim

Telephone +49 (0)157 5655-0929 

Test implementation

DLG TestService GmbH,
Gross-Umstadt location

The tests are conducted on behalf of DLG e.V.

DLG test framework
Quality seal test „Round bale winding nets“
(current as of 11/2016)

Operating resources

Dr. Michael Eise

Practical use
Stefan Wolf, 63110 Rodgau Weiskirchen
Tim Schachtschneider, 64853 Nieder Klingen
Willi Schüler, 64395 Brensbach Wallbach
Philipp Neubert, 64853 Otzberg
Lars Drewniok, 25926 Karlum

Test engineer(s)
Dr. Harald Reubold *

Special investigations
SKZ Testing GmbH, Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 22, 97076 Würzburg
Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH, 
Erich-Zeigner-Allee 44, 04229 Leipzig

DLG Test commission
Stefan Wolf, 63110 Rodgau Weiskirchen
Annette Jilg, LAZBW Aulendorf, 88326 Aulendorf
Karsten Bommelmann, AG FUKO, 30916 Isernhagen
Willi Schüler, 64395 Brensbach Wallbach
Dr. Klaus Hünting, VBZL Haus Riswick, 47533 Kleve
Dipl.-Ing. Udo Dengel, SKZ Testing GmbH, 97076 Würzburg

* Author


DLG-Testzentrum Technik und Betriebsmittel • DLG TestService GmbH Standort Groß-Umstadt • Max-Eyth-Weg 1 • 64823 Groß-Umstadt • Tel: +49(0)69/24 788-600 Fax: +49(0)69/24 788-690 •