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Correct crop protection – things to check before you start

Expert Knowledge Series 409

The concept of integrated crop protection has become the key strategy for practical crop protection on a global scale. This means that growers need to pursue a holistic approach and take preventive measures while considering chemical use as their last resort and limiting inputs to the necessary minimum. To this end, eight general guidelines were added to the existing Crop Protection Act in February 2012. 

Sow group formation

Expert Knowledge Series 408

Looking beyond the theoretical principles of social behaviour in pigs and animal welfare requirements, this edition of the Expert Knowledge Series provides recommendations as to the best way to group house sows on the farm, with practical examples to illustrate possible solutions.

Drying-off dairy cows

Expert Knowledge Series 400

This brochure provides updated/current advice designed to help make the drying-off process easier in practice and aims to reduce the use of antibiotics to what is strictly necessary for therapeutic purposes while preserving udder health.

Notes on operating waste air cleaning facilities for pig farming

Expert Knowledge Series 403

This Expert Knowledge Series pamphlet summarises the most important aspects of waste air cleaning in pig farming. From the description of the various methods to possible ways of documentation, the pamphlet also contains valuable tips on reducing operating costs. Waste air cleaning facilities have to match the respective animal housing and the local situation. The helpful hints and information are therefore intended to support the farm manager in deciding on the right system. They also aim to show other participants in a permit-issuing process options for and limitations of waste air cleaning facilities in pig husbandry.