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DLG. Progress and sustainability in agriculture and the food sector

With over 31,000 members, we are a platform for innovation and a leading network within agriculture, agribusiness and the food sector. Our expert work provides essential stimuli for progress. The basis for this was established back in 1885 by DLG’s founder, Max Eyth.

We are committed to achieving reliable yields, high performance and top quality through entrepreneurial and responsible behaviour on farms, in barns, on fields and throughout the entire food production chain. We focus on the protection of soil, water, air and biodiversity and on good conditions in animal production. We provide stimuli for technical, biological and organisational developments and work towards their implementation in practice.

Productivity and the protection of resources are what we mean when we talk about progress and sustainability. We organise trade fairs and events worldwide. We test food, agricultural machinery and farm inputs and offer practical knowledge via our specialist media. We operate in Germany, Europe and around the globe. As part of this, we foster science, research, education, consumer protection and international cooperation.

Image of a farming couple kneeling in the field, assessing the soil quality.


Image of a farmer in the cowshed


Image of a sensory evaluation situation: two sensory experts assessing tortellini.


An aerial view image of a crowded agricultural machinery exhibition hall filled with visitors.


Image of the DLG chassis dynamometer.


Our values

  • Public benefit and political independence
    We promote agriculture and the food sector as well as dialogue with society thanks to our work towards progress and sustainability. In doing so, we maintain our political independence.

  • Rationality and science
    Our objective is to obtain verifiable and criticisable findings by means of rationality and scientific methods.

  • Dialogue, discourse and reasoning
    Dialogue, discourse and logical reasoning are essential characteristics in our knowledge process, in which science, business and society are involved.

  • Relevance and impact
    We deal with the topics of relevance to the agricultural and food industries and develop solutions for farmers and food industry practitioners.

  • Entrepreneurship and responsibility
    Entrepreneurs who bring their potentials to bear in a responsible manner on the various markets are our primary addressees.

  • Progress and sustainability
    We stand for agriculture and a food sector that are innovative and productive, produce high-quality products and operate in a resource-efficient manner.

  • Quality and benefits
    Product and process quality, user and consumer benefits are important objectives. To achieve them, we test food, agricultural machinery and farm inputs using scientific methods.


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