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DLG-PowerMix: Tractor output, efficiency and fuel consumption

The PowerMix test consists of 14 test cycles that simulate various loads on the tractor and measure its fuel and AdBlue consumption, its output and efficiency as the machine goes through the test cycle. The individual test cycles replicate typical field and transport applications at half load and full load. These applications include pure draught work (e.g. ploughing or cultivating) but also mixed work that applies load on the transmission, the PTO and the hydraulic system. This is a typical scenario when operating a power harrow, a mower, a manure spreader or a baler. In addition, the test simulates heavy and light transport work, testing the tractor as on the road to obtain a general efficiency profile under reproducible field conditions.

Here you find tractor test reports (DLG PowerMix data sheets) classified according to farm requirements.

How to use the app

  • Use the slider to enter the load percentage such as heavy or medium draught work, heavy, average  and light PTO work, hydraulic load or heavy and light transport work. Define the tractor’s power range at the bottom of the view. You can also enter fuel and AdBlue costs.
  • For more details on the specific application, click on the blue and underlined words.
  • Click ‘Find’ and the app displays the results sorted by costs per kWh.
  • On a mobile device, tap on the magnifier to view the user menu.
  • The DLG PowerMix app is available in German and English. Set the language on the icon in the top right corner.


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