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Quality in a nutshell

DLG awards explained

Our practice-driven and independent DLG test methods are developed by unbiased test commissions. The methods applied reflect the latest scientific insights, in-field applications and modern techniques. They are derived from the expertise of an international network of experts from academia and agriculture.


The DLG APPROVED Full Test Quality Seal is awarded to agricultural products that have passed a DLG usability test on all aspects of the product. A DLG usability test is unbiased and assesses all major features of a product that are relevant for the day-to-day use of the product. The quality seal will retain its validity for five years from the date of award.

DLG APPROVED specific criteria

The DLG APPROVED Quality Seal for specific, value-determining criteria is awarded to technical products that have passed a less comprehensive DLG usability test. The purpose of this test is to highlight a product’s specific innovations and key features. The test may include criteria that are laid down in the DLG test framework on Full Tests or may focus on further product features and properties that confer a specific value to the product. The DLG Quality Seal will retain its validity for five years from the date of award.


The DLG APPROVED PowerMix quality seal is awarded to tractors that have passed a DLG power output and fuel consumption test which is carried out and evaluated to independent and recognised criteria as laid down in the DLG PowerMix test framework. The DLG PowerMix test applies reproducible loads to all tractor systems simulating actual field and transport work. The test records all fuels filled into the tractor (fuel, AdBlue) and its output to the wheels, the PTO and hydraulic couplers along with exhaust emissions. The quality seal mark will retain its validity for five years from the date of award.

DLG Quality Seal

The DLG Quality Seal tests are carried out on farm inputs such as compound feeds, silage additives, cleaning agents, disinfectants, udder and hoof hygiene products, animal housing disinfectants and lime fertilisers. The tests of farm inputs and consumables look into the quality of a product and in some cases also its production process. All inputs that bear a DLG Quality Seal are subject to continuous auditing. Such audits are carried out at least once a year and ensure the quality of the product is maintained. It is possible to have specific properties unique to the product or specific innovative features officially confirmed by the DLG Quality Seal by submitting the product to further tests that go beyond the regular test framework. These extra tests are indicated on the quality seal.

DLG-tested agricultural machinery and inputs “Made in Germany”

The term “Made in Germany” stands for reliability, quality, highest production standards and convincing innovation. The integral promise of quality is recognised by industry worldwide and engenders a high degree of trust from dealershiops and farmers. With its test certification “Made in Germany”, DLG guarantees that the respective manufacture and/or assembly of the machinery and inputs took place in Germany. Only products awarded the label “DLG-APPROVED” or the DLG Quality Seal are then eligible for the additional “Made in Germany” sign.  

Requirement for receiving the “Made in Germany” accolade  is acceptance of annual auditing  by DLG of the respective manufacturing processes. In the DLG test report the regular auditing  is documented.

Band of Elite Milk Producers

The DLG Band of Elite Milk Producers is awarded by dairies to dairy farmers of excellence.
The DLG supports dairies and farmers who are committed to

  • The welfare of dairy cows
  • Optimum milk quality
  • Professional herd management.

This DLG award recognises the commitment of farmers and dairies to an exceptional quality of raw milk and thereby promotes consumer relations.