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Shaping the future through research and innovation

Dr. Nils Borchard; Head of Research and Innovation at the DLG Competence Center Agriculture

In October 2021 the DLG Research and Innovation Unit has been established at the DLG Competence Center Agriculture aiming to establish grant management resources and professionalize acquisition, implementation, and management of research and development projects as well as their results. The Research and Innovation Unit supports the DLG Competence Center Agriculture, but also the activities of the DLG Competence Center Food. Hence, the DLG Research and Innovation Unit serves project management activities covering topics of the entire agri-food sector. In addition to the above mentioned project and knowledge management services the DLG Research and Innovation Unit facilitates tailored implementation of DLG services and resources into projects. Most relevant resources and services refer to the DLG`s products and services supporting communication, exploitation, and dissemination (e.g. exhibitions, demonstrations, training and education, professional journals, social media).

Some of the recent achievements referring to successfully applied projects are: i) "Digitalisation for agroecology (D4AgEcol; Horizon Europe)"; ii) "Advanced biodiversity monitoring for results-based and effective agricultural policy and transformation (BioMonitor4CAP; Horizon Europe)", iii) "Collective models for the promotion of biodiversity" (KoMBi; BMUV)", iv) "Living-lab approach to floral enrichment as a tool to conserve biodiversity and maximizing ecosystem services in European agricultural landscapes" (ConservES; ERA-NET), and v) Stress reduction through (partially) mobile slaughtering of poultry and cattle (StronGeR; BMEL).

In addition to these activities, the DLG Research and Innovation Unit supports other DLG units during implementation of DLG projects, acquisition and development of know-how. To this end the DLG Research and Innovation Unit provides expertise, technical, and demonstrative support to ensure effective execution of activities of other DLG units. Expert knowledge and in-person has been requested through DLG Service to fulfil DLG`s contributions at the VertiFarm in Dortmund in September 2022 and the CannaB in Freiburg in December 2022. DLG Research and Innovation Unit  supports also DLG International at the organization and implementation of the International Rice Congress 2023 (IRC23).