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Self-assessment of the economic situation of agricultural enterprises in Germany

The current "Chart of the Month" from DLG-Agrifuture Insights shows that arable farming and dairy farming are on the rise, while the poultry and pig sector are rather gloomy.

As part of the current Agrifuture Insights survey, the DLG asked the farmers surveyed at the turn of the year 2022/23 to assess the economic situation of their business. While arable and dairy farmers tend to rate their situation as good to medium, poultry farmers see it somewhat more negatively. Pig farmers tend to rate their situation as poor, but better than in the previous year. Overall, the survey reflects the perceived more negative mood among livestock farms compared to other farm sectors, also in view of current political developments.

Chart of the Month

Self-assessment of the economic situation of agricultural enterprises in Germany

While producer prices for arable farms have fallen again after the high caused by the Ukraine war and are at a similar level to the 2021 survey, the easing in fertiliser prices that began at the end of the year should have a positive effect here. Adjustments due to climate change are, however, a major challenge for farms.

Poultry farmers are feeling the current high prices for feed and energy. Another issue is bird flu, and laying hen farmers in particular have to cope with the costs of rearing brother cocks.

Among pig farmers, it is noticeable that there was no clearly negative assessment. The average was only slightly above 3, while the assessment in autumn 2021 had been even more negative with a value of 3.9 – and this with regard to both current and future business development. Despite difficult political conditions, producer prices are significantly higher than at that time, which could explain the improved sentiment. In addition, after a strong increase in spring and summer 2022, most input prices are again at a similar level as at the end of 2021.

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