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A successful EuroTier and EnergyDecentral in Hanover is now behind us.

Those who were there could see with their own eyes the joy that was written all over the faces of the visitors and exhibitors. Finally meeting live and in person again, finally experiencing all the innovations of the industry haptically again and going directly into exchange with experts, exhibitors and speakers.

EuroTier has once again demonstrated the charisma of the trade fair medium with its unique instrument of live communication.

This gives us, as a 'platform maker' and think tank for the international agrifood business, the necessary tailwind to continue to expand and develop our trade fairs with full force - not only in Germany but worldwide.

But it's not just the success of EuroTier and EnergyDecentral that makes us think in this direction. As announced on the opening day of the fair, eight billion people on our planet need to be fed from now on – and the trend is rising.

Innovative approaches are required here. Both in the conventional production of food and in the further development of new cultivation and processing methods such as Controlled Environment Agriculture with its central area of ​​vertical farming.

There are also completely new approaches - be it the extraction of alternative protein sources for humans and animals or the production of food right in the laboratory.

Only with a combination of innovations in food production will we be able to come close to the great goal of feeding everyone.

Together with our international network of agricultural organizations and experts, governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world as well as our 10 international DLG subsidiaries all over the world, we would like to continue to do our part to ensure the necessary food production.

DLG has always been committed to discussing these new ideas and paths and is an integral part of the mission of the founding father Max Eyth, which is still alive today.

These innovations need a place to visualize, understand and grasp. A place to let the impressions sink in, but also to discuss the new and the unknown with professionals from the industry - attributes that can only be found at trade fairs in this concentrated form.

What EuroTier represents as the world's leading trade fair for professional animal keepers from Europe and beyond are the more than 25 trade fairs and shows around the world of DLG International.

I look forward to meeting you in person at one of our next events in your area and I cordially invite you to attend.