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DLG’s international project portfolio

Today we want to present an example of DLG’s international project portfolio that shows the challenges and possible solutions with regard to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sino-German Agricultural Exchange Programme (AEP)

The AEP programme is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARA). The project is implemented by DLG International with support from the DLG Academy.

The project aims to train young professionals from China and Germany who are employed at agribusiness companies or organisations. Each year during the project, 20 young professionals travel for 30 days to China or Germany respectively. The programme normally consists of three elements: a seminar training programme, a study tour and a 10-day guest visit to a company or organisation.

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is not possible to organise the exchange as originally planned. Several conceptual adjustments are therefore currently being considered.

A digital version of the exchange in 2020

We are currently looking at digital tools in order to implement the exchange of young professionals from Chinese and German agribusiness organisations. The seminar training programme can potentially be substituted by using webinars. A study tour could be filmed and presented in the form of various podcasts. Virtual question and answer sessions with the visited farms or companies could be organised. The digital project concept is currently being developed in close cooperation with our political and business partners. We are optimistic that we can organise a high-quality exchange for young professionals from China and Germany.

Who can participate?

In 2020, the programme will focus primarily on animal production and its value chain. It is therefore aimed at young representatives (up to 40 years old) from companies and organisations within the animal production sector in Germany that are interested in stepping up their activities in China and vice versa. Participants will extend their knowledge about animal production in China/Germany and gain valuable contacts to grow their international activities. Participating companies also obtain access to an agricultural network of more than 100 young professionals from China and Germany.