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My Food – Personalisation and Nutrition

The publication "My Food - Personalisation and Nutrition" was conducted by the DLG in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Holger Buxel (Münster University of Applied Sciences) in summer 2019. The publication series consists of three parts that illuminate the topic of personalisation in the food sector and in nutrition from different perspectives.
The DLG study focused on the question of what concrete opportunities and development prospects personalised food offers. 

Sustainable Packaging 2024

The topic of sustainability has become a permanent megatrend in the food market in recent years. Consumers, as well as government institutions and NGOs, are increasingly demanding that food manufacturers produce their products as sustainably as possible and minimise the negative impact of production, use and disposal on the environment. In addition to the food itself, this requirement also applies to the food packaging used.

DLG Study Part 1: Personalised Food

Personalised foods are products that are adapted by manufacturers to meet personal customer needs. To this end, manufacturers usually offer customers various options on how they can have the products adapted to their personal taste, ingredient, shape, packaging design, quantity or preparation preferences. To analyse the relevance and supply of personalised food, a consumer, company and expert survey was conducted. Read more in the study.

DLG Study Part 2: Personalised Nutrition

Companies offer the creation of personalised nutrition concepts to better adapt nutrition to personal preferences and health needs. The customised nutritional concepts are often generated through analyses of metabolism, genetic profiles, health status, lifestyle and personal preferences.

DLG Study Part 3: Personalisation in food shopping and nutrition apps

Digital products (e.g. in the form of apps) are being developed for food shopping and nutrition that generate suggestions for shopping or consumption in real time based on the consumer’s personal characteristics and needs in order to simplify everyday life.