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The Testing Methods of the DLG Quality Tests

The DLG testing methods are based on current scientific findings regarding quality assurance in the different food sectors.

Focal areas of testing: sensory tests, laboratory analyses, packaging and labelling tests

The DLG-Quality Tests are organized by the Certification Unit. The Quality Tests are designed specifically for the respective product group. At the heart of the tests for all product groups is the sensory analysis of the foods and beverages (colour, appearance, consistency, odour and taste). Depending on the specific product group, these analyses are supplemented by testing of preparation, checking of the packaging and labelling, and chemical, microbiological and physical analyses in accredited laboratories.

Sensory analysis 

The sensory analysis is carried out in accordance with product-specific test schemes developed by the DLG Expert Committees made up of members from the fields of science and operational practice. In the tests attributes or defects are allocated to each test feature. These are assessed in accordance with the product-specific 5-point scheme.

5-Point Scheme

Points Quality description General description of properties
5 very good quality expectations reached in full
4 good slight deviations
3 satisfactory perceptible deviations
2 less satisfactory clear deviations
1 not satisfactory strong deviations
  inadequate not evaluable


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