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Female Agri Fellows.

Success needs diversity.

The number of farms in Germany is declining, labour is scarce. Diversity in thought and action is needed so that we can continue to be economically successful and secure the supply of high-quality agricultural products.

The Female Agri Fellows stand for this diversity in thought and action. As an entrepreneur of a farm, a woman in agribusiness, a scientist, an engineer, a lecturer, a journalist or a blogger.

The Female Agri Fellows network and offer perspectives for national and international agriculture. We turn our commitment into a profession and support companies in becoming more diverse. This is how we make our professional contribution to a successful and diverse agriculture of the future.

Why are networks like Female Agri Fellows important?

Studies show that from a 30 % share of women in management positions, classic gender stereotypes in companies lose their effect.

Women are highly successful in education, but less so at work. Despite undeniable progress, women remain under-represented in professional leadership positions.

Women still earn 18 % less than men on average. As at: January 2023, German Federal Office of Statistics).

For women

  • The network bundles competence and expertise.
  • Discuss your concerns in the Female Agri Fellows network.
  • Network individually with female leaders in the agriculture industry.
  • Are you an expert in the agri-food sector - giving keynotes or training and want to bring your ideas to the agri-food industry?

Contact us. We're expanding the network daily to increase the visibility of women.


For companies

Support Female Agri Fellows as a company. You'll benefit from ideas on how to promote, retain and inspire women for leadership positions in your company.

Find a speaker

We increase the visibility of women on all stages. Are you looking for a competent speaker in the field of agriculture and nutrition?

The DLG network is unique in the agricultural and food industry. We are happy to help find personalities.


Inspiring women

Agriculture, in its great diversity, is one of the most interesting industries, in which people work with all their strength for the farms and companies. For me, agriculture is more than just a profession or a subject area, but an absolute vocation and a matter of the heart.

Susanne Schulze Bockelohe, Vice President Deutscher Bauernverband (DBV),

Therefore, after studying agriculture and marrying into my husband's farm, it was natural for me to work for the interests of agriculture both on the farm and in the farmers' association. It has helped me a lot to exchange ideas with like-minded people, to learn from each other and to move issues forward together. For me, networking means entering into a trusting relationship with people who have great enthusiasm for a topic, who want to shape and develop in this area and who have a special connection through similar values and attitudes.  So when attitude, enthusiasm and desire to shape come together, networks can be very constructive and enriching in my experience. 

As we are facing great challenges in agriculture with regard to the economic viability of farms, societal demands on the topics of sustainability, climate protection and animal welfare and the upcoming changes, we need many "future farmers", we need the strength and expertise and commitment of everyone, including women! We cannot do without the competence and commitment of women in agriculture. So far, our sector has been very male-dominated, although many women are starting out in the agricultural world in training and studies in agricultural sciences, one wonders, where are the women in the farms, agricultural enterprises, associations and organisations?

Forming networks that promote, strengthen and encourage agricultural women is therefore a great and logical way to increase the proportion of women, to make women visible and to contribute their special skills. In the German Farmers' Association, we have founded women entrepreneurs' committees at the national level and in some regional associations for this reason, and it has been shown that if we actively approach and seek out women, we will find many committed women who are interested in association work. The members of our committees have made it clear that this is exactly what was missing in the farmers' association, a platform where women entrepreneurs can exchange views on agricultural issues and contribute their positions to the association. I am therefore pleased that with the DLG's "Female agri fellows", a network has been founded that also focuses on strengthening women in our industry. In such networks, there is the possibility to exchange experiences, to initiate special training or mentoring programmes, but above all to learn from each other and thus to take on strengthened active roles or positions. I look forward to an exchange and mutual support of our networks. Because we will only master the challenges of the future together.

Studying agricultural sciences as a young woman was the best decision I could have made. Today, I am absolutely satisfied and fulfilled with my position in my husband's farming business - including with regard to my other goals in life.

Vroni Koch, Koch family agriculture,

Even without a family farm behind me, I decided to study agricultural sciences out of great conviction. In my opinion, this special determination is the most important prerequisite for professional success, regardless of industry or gender. However, as a woman in agriculture, you have to deal with other challenges - be it the clear ideas of gender roles in some people's minds, the working hours or the sometimes physically really hard work. For me, that has been more of an incentive most of the time, but there are also hurdles that are difficult to overcome. What helps me most is the exchange with other women in agriculture who are or were in similar situations, but also with women from other sub-sectors of agriculture. Networks are an important ingredient for professional success - they provide support, stimulate new ideas and give you the opportunity to benefit from the experience of others if you also contribute some yourself. I'm all the more pleased that the Female Agri Fellows now exist for this purpose.

I first worked in a leading position in the agricultural trade for 3 years and am now employed in my husband's agricultural business and recently our first child was born. There are so many power women in our industry, so many women who love what they do and burn for it. This is encouraging and inspiring for young professionals, which we urgently need - that's why we have to show ourselves! But for each of these women, at some point a supposed limit emerges - be it, for example, the desire to start a family and spend time intensively in this area as well. If we women can clearly articulate our expectations, we may also be able to develop guidance for employers on how to keep women employed in their companies in the long term. And also for self-employed women on farms, the network offers the opportunity to exchange information about problem situations or to learn from each other how tasks can be restructured so that they can find both professional and private happiness or, in the best case, combine both.

The role of women in agriculture is essential for the sustainable, balanced development of our rural communities.

Cornelia Horsch, Management HORSCH Maschinen GmbH,

Women not only bring their technical expertise and passion to farms, but also contribute significantly to the diversity and resilience of our agricultural sector. It is of great importance that women in agriculture support and network with each other. By sharing their knowledge, overcoming common challenges and uniting their voices, they can not only strengthen their own businesses, but also form a strong and influential voice for the entire sector. Solidarity among women in agriculture is the key to a sustainable and successful future.

What do women do differently?

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