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Member Profile: Shapovalov Aleksander Germanovich

The General director of CJSC “Malkom Corporation” runs a company with two main business segments.

You run a trading Company, selling seeds, plant protecting products, fertilizers in Russia. What do you see as Russia´s greatest agricultural challenges?

The challenges in Russia's agriculture, particularly in plant growing result from both objective and subjective reasons. The main objective reason is that only 30% of agricultural land is in favorable and predictable climatic zones, where relatively risk-free farming is possible. And 70% of the lands are either in zones with high probability of severe droughts, or are located at an altitude of more than 600 m above sea level, or in northern regions with wetland, saline and solonetsous soil. Lack of stable climatic conditions generates an increase in deliveries to Russia's domestic market the products from abroad at dumping prices, which undoubtedly has a negative impact on the development of domestic agriculture.
The subjective reasons  first of all include a low level of state financing of the agricultural sector of economy, several times lower than the average European indicators.

Banks, in their turn, do not reduce interest on loans, as they are not sure of their return. Consequently it becomes impossible to manage highly profitable agricultural Companies, having worn-out  vehicles and lack of modern land-saving technologies.

One of the reasons for the backlog in the development of agriculture is lack of sufficient information on innovative farming practices, which is especially important for small Companies, as an effective system of state support for small business in the countryside has not yet been formed. Though small private farms are able to improve the quality of life and the employment rate of the rural population, which will help to bring domestic agriculture to a new level.

What are the main tasks as director for your company?

To my mind the main task of the manager is the the ability to recognize people, the professionals of their sphere. I managed to gather a professional team of adherent people, aimed at the result.

The Company's management system is built at a cost, as a motivating factor. The system of their optimal distribution provides the necessary information with the necessary degree of detail, helps to identify and implement those activities that are considered highly profitable. This policy leads to increased efficiency in agriculture. The main task of CJSC "Malcom Corporation" is qualitative,  timely and at optimal prices delivery of seeds, fertilizers and equipment to the Company's customers, followed by its adjustment, warranty and service. We try to set and fulfill realistic tasks, relying on the long-term perspective, the existing extensive experience and support of partners.

Where do you get your products to market?

The products for further sales are purchased directly from manufacturers, as “Malkom Corporation” is an official dealer of the following Companies:

For seeds:

  • Sunflower: Limagrain (France), Syngenta (Switzerland), Buyer (Germany)
  • Corn: Limagrain (France), Monsanto (USA), Syngenta (Switzerland), Bayer (Germany)
  • Sugar beet: Florimond Deprez (France), Syngenta (Switzerland)
  • Soya: Prograin (Canada)
  • Peas: German Seed Alliance (Germany)

For plant protection products and fertilizers:

  • Syngenta (Switzerland)
  • Bayer (Germany), Dupont (USA)
  • FMC Corporation (USA)
  • Nutritech(Israel)

For machinery:

  • BEDNAR FMT s.r.o
  • Morris Industries Ltd
  • Claas
  • Fliegl

And many others.

How do you keep tabs on what happening in agriculture all over the world?

First of all, visiting international exhibitions and conferences, in order to get acquainted with the most modern technologies and advanced people of the time. Certainly, I accumulate all the information on the latest developments in this sphere, received from partners and clients of CJSC “ Malcolm Corporation”. In the nearest future, CJSC “ Malcolm Corporation” will participate in the All-Russian Field day, an event of high importance  for Russia in general. I have great hopes connected with this event mainly relating to the possibilities of sharing experience and  development prospects assessment.

And what do you expect from DLG?

Mainly expect to obtain new experience by meetings and discussions with foreign partners, also being the members of DLG. I am also interested in possibility to visit the farms, specializing in crops growing and cattle breeding.