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How to engage the Consumer?

The EPP Congress 2024 provides answers

Interested pig farmers and persons from the pig business can now register for the European Pig Producers (EPP) meeting in France. This time it's all about "pigs, pork and people".

Preparations for the EPP Congress from May 29-31, 2024 in Nantes are already well advanced. About 250 pig farmers and representatives from the upstream and downstream sectors are expected to attend this international event to discuss the current challenges facing the industry.

The general theme that the organizers have set for 2024 builds on the discussions that took place at the 2023 meeting in Spain. The central question is how the industry can reach and communicate with consumers: "How to engage the consumer?" is therefore the headline above the event.

A closer look at the topic inevitably raises the question of how other population groups and partners in the value chain can also be reached - be it with messages or information on the benefits of pork products. Issues such as animal welfare and animal health are now part and parcel of the daily routine for pig producers in Northern and Western Europe. It is interesting to see how the companies deal with the different legal requirements in the respective countries and the increasing demands around the topic of sustainability. This is one of the reasons why EPP members meet regularly to learn from each other.

The symposium, which will take place on May 29, will focus on the following topics:

  • Current challenges for pig production in France and Europe
  • Climate-neutral pork production
  • The role of meat in human nutrition
  • Cooperation between producers and the trade
  • Communication with consumers

These and other topics will be covered in presentations and discussions and supplemented by excursions to farms and organizations in Brittany. There will also be plenty of opportunities for networking and for maintaining and expanding contacts with professional colleagues - two other core elements of the EPP Congress.

Interested persons can obtain further information at 

EPP Congress 29-31 May 2024 in Nantes 

and can still benefit from the attractive early-bird conditions
if they register by February 29, 2024.