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Future significance of technology trends in arable farming

How do science, industry and practice view technology trends in arable farming? What significance do different areas have? The current “Chart of the Month” from DLG-Agrifuture Insights provides an overview.

As part of the current Agrifuture Insights study, participants were asked from November 2023 to the beginning of January 2024 about their assessment of the future importance of technology trends in arable farming. Five trends stand out among the many possibilities.

Chart of the Month

As in previous years, the farms surveyed consider the area of energy-efficient and soil-conserving track and tire systems to be one of the most important technology trends. Adapted lane planning and optimized tire pressure can improve traction, minimize slippage and protect the soil as a production factor. In addition to conserving resources, this can also increase efficiency.

As in the previous year, practitioners rated the importance of other technology trends as slightly lower than, for example, science and consulting or industry, trade and processing. The reasons for this were not asked and presumably also differ for the individual trends.

In the case of site-specific cultivation as well as harrowing and chopping technology, the basic technology can in principle be regarded as established. Both technology trends are again considered to be among the most important technology trends by all participants.

The first smart or spot spraying products were ready for the market this year, but the transition into practice still seems to be taking some time, which is why farmers considered this area to be less important than, for example, science and advice.

In the area of interoperability and compatibility between agricultural machinery, sensor technology and data services, many solutions only work together to a limited extent and there are (still) problems with data consolidation and processing. This is well known in the scientific community, but the study results show that farmers are apparently not yet confronted with this problem too often in practice because the relevant data is not yet merged. Accordingly, the scientific community also attaches greater importance to this technological trend than practitioners.

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DLG-Agrifuture Insights is the DLG knowledge brand and platform for international trend analyses in the agricultural sector. It examines the business environment in agriculture in Germany and worldwide. For this purpose, farmers and people from agribusiness, science and consulting are surveyed annually on their assessments of the economic situation and development of agricultural businesses, as well as technology trends and innovations in the individual business sectors. A total of 3,336 people took part in the current survey in winter 2023/24, around 1,300 of them from abroad.