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DLG Test Center Technology & Farm Inputs: We got an eye on it!

Collecting knowledge from academia, consultancies and the ag technology companies and transferring it to pracise has always been the leading goal of DLG’s community work. From the very start of our organisation in 1885 this knowledge transfer rests on three colums: events and exhibitions, knowledge and innovation and last but not least test and check.

Within DLG’s Test Center Technology & Farm Inputs we‘re really looking on agricultural machinery and the necessary consumables from a farmers point of view. Additionally, we are checking compliance with national and international standards and regulations. Furthermore, ag technology companies and their suppliers can find ideal sparring partners for complex R&D issues in our test engineers.

In that way, the DLG Test Center Technology & Farm Inputs and its executing company, the DLG TestService GmbH during the last decades has become one of the leading testing and certification organizations in the agricultural sector – in Germany and worldwide.

Regardless if it’s a tractor, any kind agricultural technology from self-propelled harvesting machines down to tractor implements and even systems and components, barn equipment or farm inputs – DLG’s experts know exactly what the practitioners need. On this basis of practical experience neutral commissions develop testing frames and DLG’s own test methods that exactly focus on the neuralgic points of a machine or consumable. In addition to those tests according to DLG standards, extensive testing services for quality assurance, according to national and international standards and regulations, as well as customer-specific tests for research and development purposes complete the range of services.

Going far beyond the OECD testing method, the DLG PowerMix for tractors sets the platinum standard by transferring 14 typical workload cycles from field and road to a chassis dynamometer. Implements have to prove their working quality and energy efficiency in the field as well as under lab conditions. And when it comes to barn equipment, DLG tests partially are even relevant for market approval or public funding.

Thus, relying on DLG tested products provides great benefits to a farmer.

It is easily visible, if a product is awarded with one of the DLG test marks like the different levels of “DLG APPROVED” for tractors, agricultural machinery and barn equipment or a “DLG QUALITY SEAL” for farm inputs. Each of these test marks means that all requirements of the test framework have been met and the corresponding test reports provide important information and decision-making aid, when it comes to the planning of investments in agricultural technologies and farm inputs.

The test reports can be accessed free of charge via