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Solving agricultural challenges in the network

A commentary by the elected Chairwoman of the DLG Expert Committee Southeast Asia

DLG expert committee Southeast Asia could be said to be a new ‘East meet West Agricultural Technology protocol’ from personals experienced in modern agricultural technology with the intention of improving the agriculture of SEA region without forgetting the importance of traditional methods and knowledge which was what has led the region to be the food basket of the world.

Thank you DLG for being the organizer for this event which will lead to a SEA region wide cooperation which will cover the agriculture of SEA with the pure intention of improving the agriculture sector of SEA to be ready for the next generation of agriculture which will be well verse in technology.

As the starting point, we had discussed the aspects of modern agricultural technology such as the comfortability, environment, and crop protection together with sustainability which we need to use the knowledge and expertise from this network to evaluate the weakness and establish a solution or a way to prevent it.

The committee plan to meet once a year at a physical event and hold an online meeting to further intensify contact. For this purpose, other experts can and should be invited to join the round in order to include a broad spectrum of experts in the daily work. The International Rice Congress 2023 in Manila is expected to be the next physical meeting, as most of the participants will be present and synergies could thus be optimally utilized. The possible online meeting of the expert panel is planned for autumn 2022.

As I, Dares Kittiyopas, am the first elected Chairwoman of DLG Expert Committee Southeast Asia, I hope to devote my whole life experiences sharing to our network. Generate and driving for new operational systems of new generation Agriculture, to conserve our SEA Agricultural and environment with New technologies.