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DLG Test Center honors companies for successfully taking DLG tests

During EuroTier 2022 in Hanover, DLG’s Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs awarded a certificate to a total of 26 companies for successfully completing product tests. A total of 58 products received a DLG-APPROVED DLG test mark for successfully tested technical products, or a DLG QUALITY SEAL or DLG QUALITY MARK for successfully tested farm inputs.

"You submitted your products to a test that covers agricultural practice and its requirements, knowing that the quality of your products is the one and only influence on the process or the result of DLG’s tests" Professor Dr.-Ing. Till Meinel, chairman of the DLG test center and DLG vice-president, emphasized the special nature of the DLG tests in his speech. The background of his statement is that the criteria and assessment standards for the DLG tests of each group of similar products are determined in advance by a neutral and independent, voluntary working testing committee. Meinel pointed out that farmers are inherently very receptive to new technological solutions and, as a result, are often among the innovators or early adopters of a new product or product category. And he praised the manufacturers who always manage to give practice what it demands: the latest technology with the right equipment.

The test reports of all products that have successfully passed a DLG test are available online free of charge at