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Preservation of soil fertility, organic farming, climate-friendly production

12 October 2022, 2 pm - 4 pm

International conference in the framework of the exhibitions KazAgro/KazFarm


The Republic of Kazakhstan has considerable land resources for agricultural production, but unfortunately not all land is available for efficient crop production. There is deterioration of agricultural land due to wind and water erosion, salinisation. At the same time, crop production is characterised by low fertiliser use. According to statistical reports, the share of sown land in the Republic of Kazakhstan on which mineral fertilisers are applied is only 11%, and the application rate is quite low - 56 kg of nutrients (N, P, K) per hectare. Organic fertiliser is applied on only 0.3% of the sown area. All these factors lead to both loss of soil fertility and loss of agricultural land.

There is no doubt that the extensive type of agricultural production offers considerable advantages in terms of the possibilities for producing organic products. But even in organic farming, special attention must be paid to maintaining soil fertility and preventing wind and water erosion. The resulting and increasingly evident climatic changes, the lack of moisture, pose additional difficulties for agricultural producers.

Therefore, sustainable agricultural development is becoming increasingly important. During this event, experts from Kazakhstan and Germany will share their experiences on the use of resource-saving technologies in agriculture in general and also with a focus on water management, address integrated crop protection and nutrition, discuss organic farming as a building block of a sustainable agricultural system.

The conference is particularly interesting and useful for farm managers and specialists, agronomists and heads of engineering services, advisors, representatives of scientific and educational institutions.

RegDir Bruno Hoffstadt, Head of the International Projects Unit, Twinning at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany
Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan (or NANOC) (tbc)

Key aspects for resilient crop production in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan (or NANOC) (tbc)

Green Deal / Green Deal and its impact on sustainable development and international trade in agricultural products
Alexander Barnewitz, Head of the German-Kazakh Agricultural Policy Dialogue Project

Climate change and its impact on agriculture
Lunara Umralinova, Expert of the German-Kazakh Agricultural Policy Dialogue Project

Overview of sustainable forms of agriculture
Jasurbek Rustamov, Expert on Organic Farming of the German-Kazakh Agricultural Policy Dialogue Project

Innovations for sustainable agriculture in dry steppes - results and experiences of the CASIB project
Dr. Peter Liebelt, CASIB - Bureau for Sustainable Innovation in Central Asia / Office of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Almaty

State and problems of soil protection from erosion
Kanat Ashkeevich Akshalov, Head of Arable Farming Department, A.I. Barayev Scientific and Production Centre for Grain Farming LLP

Practical agriculture and soil erosion: What are we doing wrong?
Nikolay Latyshev, editor and owner of the journal Agrarnyi Sektor

Soil management systems as an important factor in maintaining soil fertility
Dr. Tobias Meinel, Director of Amazone

Moderation: Dr Olga Hunger, Regional Director Central and Eastern Europe, DLG e.V.


International conference in the framework of the exhibitions KazAgro/KazFarm


Conference Room 1, International Exhibition Centre, Astana, Kazakhstan


Russian, German

For questions about participation and the programme of the event, please contact Aliya Akhanova, e-mail:

Tel: +77022322484

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