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China programme: application phase launched

With immediate effect, DLG-International is accepting applications from German organisations and companies for a bilateral cooperation project with China. The AEP (Agricultural Exchange Programme) is an advanced training and networking programme for specialists in the agricultural and food sectors. The focus topic of this year's programme is the value-adding chain surrounding animal products (farm inputs as well as equipment and technologies for animal production, animal products, milk and meat, etc.).

The extensive programme is of interest to management and employees alike (research and development, product/project developers, business development, sales & marketing). The participants increase their knowledge of China's agricultural and food sectors, become part of a Sino-German network and therefore acquire valuable contacts amongst Chinese companies, administrative bodies and Chinese specialists within the industry.

China is the world's biggest agricultural importer, and is expected to continue growing. Last year, China was already amongst the top 3 of Germany's most important agricultural export markets. Particularly in the current crisis, it has once again become patently clear that this stable agricultural export market can contribute very significantly to safeguarding companies.

Via the Agricultural Exchange Programme (AEP), the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) are supporting companies and organisations in expanding their business relationships with China.

This year, the AEP will mainly be taking place online. In 20 webinars directly from China and 4 other networking events with Chinese partners from the industry, participants will be finding out about the basics and details of the Chinese agricultural and food sectors over a period of 10 weeks. Around 4 hours/week are required. An invitation to China, scheduled to take place in 2021, also forms part of the programme. Since the programme is subsidised, the costs incurred by the companies are negligible/low.

Interested organisations and companies can obtain information from or can contact us by sending an e-mail to, tel. +49 69 24788 482, or, tel. +49 69 24788 727.