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Potato Days Turkey: the only trade show for potato cultivation in Turkey

As the only Turkish trade show for potato cultivation, Potato Days Turkey will present from 18 - 20 August 2021 current strategies and solutions for production and processing in the region. The fair in Konya / Selçuklu / Karaömerler offers an exhibition range tailored to the region's requirements on 8 hectares. For Potato Days Turkey, 57 different potato varieties have been laid.

Turkey as the event location is in an unique geographic position with its semi-arid climate, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe and acts as a hub for visitors from the Middle East and around the Mediterranean.

The machinery demonstrations show all the machines required in the production of potatoes in operation on an area of 3 hectares. On a total of 28 field trial plots, exhibitors will demonstrate the latest innovations in seeds, fertilisers, crop protection, machinery and implements.

This year, the DLG International subsidiary is expecting around 60 companies to exhibit at the 2nd Potato Days Turkey.