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“Network Focus on Animal Welfare

Practical knowledge for sustainable livestock farming that respects animal welfare

In Germany, the nationwide “Network Focus on Animal Welfare” was founded with the aim of strengthening livestock farming in Germany for the long-term, equipping farmers with the means to effectively address animal welfare, environmental protection, quality in production and market demands. The collaborative project aims to improve the transfer of knowledge into practice in order to make pig, poultry and dairy farms in Germany fit for the future regarding animal welfare, the environment and sustainability.

This is the first time that such professional expertise has been concentrated in a network along with the organized exchange of experience between practitioners, scientists and consultants among others, thus enabling and promoting knowledge networking within the industry.

Over a period of three years, a large number of events throughout Germany are planned. The aim is to convey this concentrated expertise in the field of keeping dairy, pigs and poultry in a way that is appropriate to the welfare of the animals. The concentrated collection of scientific data, the latest findings from applied research, practice, model and demonstration projects for animal protection among others will be gathered in special centers dedicated to the various animal species. These centers collect and prepare the current data in close coordination with the network partners and make this information available for knowledge transfer to the project partners in the German federal states.

The focus on animal welfare network is integrated into the federal program for animal husbandry as an essential part of the federal livestock farming strategy. The overall concept of the livestock strategy was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) in order to meet the major challenges of sustainable agriculture in Germany. The BMEL has commissioned the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) to execute this federal program for livestock farming.

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