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Günther Riedl new Chairman of the German EPP Group

These are currently difficult times for pig farmers. This is not only true for farms in Germany, but also for their colleagues in neighbouring countries, who are struggling with unfavourable conditions and high cost pressure. Corona and ASF have led to the fact that known market mechanisms no longer work and new sales channels have to be found to market pork products.

The host Topigs-SNW showed that they are also working on alternatives at the breeding level with a presentation of their new boar line, which promises a different meat quality and is more oriented towards naturalness and robustness.

Jürgen Winkelmann therefore began the general meeting of the German group in the Association of European Pig Producers (EPP) by thanking Ludger Overhues, Eduard Eissing and Stephanie Nuphaus for their hospitality and the information from the Topigs-SNW breeding company in Senden.

In his report, the outgoing chairman Jürgen Winkelmann went on to discuss the disastrous situation of many farms in Germany. Even in his own sow barn, changes have been implemented that were not under discussion two years ago. He wished all colleagues nationally and internationally an early improvement of the current situation. Afterwards, Günther Riedl, pig farmer from near Landshut and long-time DLG member, was unanimously elected as the new chairman of the German EPP Group.

For a network like the European Pig Producers, which thrives on direct and personal exchange, 2020 was a difficult year. As EPP Manager Sven Häuser reported, no events or meetings could be held locally. In the national groups, too, only digital activities took place. Especially companies in Great Britain, Germany and Belgium are struggling to survive - for different reasons. Therefore, it is hoped that the 2022 network in the Netherlands will again be able to exchange information on business strategies and development opportunities.