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New Applications of Daily Satellite Data of Agriculture

The use of satellite data for land use observation isn´t a very new topic. Already in the 1960s early satellite data were used to observe crop growth – however, with very coarse and basic methods. With launching a number of new satellite systems in combination with new analytical systems and AI in the latest years quality and availability of satellite based information improved significantly.

Ariel Zajdband (Planet) and Andrew Robson (AARSC) showed the developments in crop specific irrigation models, detection of soil parameters as well as biomass and yield forecast models in arable crops and fruit plantations. Models improve with every additional season of data collection and experience.

Data fusion with ground based sensor systems like soil sensors or drone based detection methods even increase the quality of information for decision support in farming.

At the same time, these information are not only relevant for large scale farms. Shijo Joseph (East West Seed) proved that the methods can be scaled down to be used for small plot sizes and made available for small holder farms in rural areas, as well.

An already well working technology and a promising tool for a sustainable food production in future.