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ProSweets 2022: Guided Tours – Sustainable packaging concepts for Sweets & Snacks


Innovative packaging design

As part of the special show "Packaging - Function meets Design", guided tours will be offered on the topic of "Sustainable Packaging Concepts". The tours will lead through the special show as well as to exhibitors offering interesting contributions or projects on this topic.

New perspective: Sustainability first

From an ecological point of view, it is crucial that food packaging offers the best possible product protection. In addition, sustainability and ecology are playing an increasingly important role in our society. Sustainability has also become a purchasing criterion for many consumers.

  • But how can food and beverages be packaged in an environmentally friendly and ecological way?
  • What sustainable packaging concepts are currently available for sweets and snacks?
  • What technological innovations are there?
  • And which ones have already proven themselves in practice? Where are the limits?

Answers to these and other important questions can be found at ProSweets 2022.

ProSweet 2022: Expert Stage

DLG will present its own Expert Stage on the topic of "Sustainability Approaches in Production" as well as Guided Tours focusing on “Sustainable packaging concepts”. The one-hour Guided Tours, offered by DLG in cooperation with KoelnMesse, will take you through the INGREDIENTS special show and to selected trade show booths. There, you will receive interesting information on sustainable and resource-saving materials and compact answers to the most important questions on the topic of "Sustainable packaging concepts".

For more information about the events at ProSweets 2022 click here .

The participating companies are:

CompanyBoothTitle of presentation
DLG e.V.

Hall 10.1

Meeting point

  • Introduction
  • Short presentation of the DLG
Chocal® Packaging
Solutions GmbH

Hall 10.1

Sustainable packaging solutions – completely free of plastic

  • From aluminium to fiber packaging
  • Paper packaging with various barrier coatings 100% recyclable
  • Blister packaging with natural fiber – 100% home-compostable
GmbH & Co. KG


Paper-based packaging of traditional primary wrapping styles

  • Existing approaches for different packaging styles
  • Effects on high-speed packaging machines
  • Current limits/ problems
Albstadt-Sigmaringen University,
Sustainable Packaging Institute SPI

Hall 10.1

Sustainable packaging in the context of circular bioeconomy - latest news on applied science

  • Short presentation of the Sustainable Packaging Institute SPI
  • Circular Bioeconomy and more sustainable packaging
  • Presentation of current projects from applied science
pacoon GmbH

Hall 10.1

Fokus sustainability

  • Conceptual approach for an international reuse system
  • Managing B2B and B2C packaging in such a cycle
  • Innovative Approaches in sustainability packaging concepts for snacks and sweets


Hall 10.1

Digital technologies for sustainable packaging

  • Smart packaging
  • Active, communicating packaging
  • Digital watermarking as recycling-revolution
DLG e.V.

Hall 10.1

End of the tour

  • Summary
  • Returning the headsets


Date and time Guided Tours

(For booking please click to choose)


Morning tour

Afternoon tour

Sunday, 30.01.2022


3 pm – 4 pm

Monday, 31.01.2022


3 pm – 4 pm

Tuesday, 01.02.2022

10 am – 11 am

3 pm – 4 pm

Wednesday, 02.02.2022

10 am – 11 am



Meeting point

The tour starts at the DLG booth: 
hall 10.1, booth A-008.
Please arrive early. At least 5 minutes before the tour starts.




Registration is necessary. The number of participants is limited to 10 – first come first serve.



DLG Competence Center Food • Alexandra Brandauer • Tel.: +49 (0) 69 24 788-333 •