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Tested by experts: DLG Claims

With the additional “DLG Claims” service, food producers can benefit even more strongly from the know-how of DLG experts and the strong attraction of the quality labels. From “without the addition of” to special taste recommendations in the form of sensory claims, via recommendations for suitability, information concerning origin, or aspects of process quality, they can accentuate the special features of their products with an expert assessment from DLG.

DLG can additionally test foods that have won DLG award for special properties or product promises. The criteria that products must satisfy for DLG-tested claims are defined in advance and checked by experts. Testing of the additional criteria for compliance with technical requirements and food legislation (DLG Claims) is carried out by DLG-TestService GmbH.

Examples of DLG Claims:

without the addition of...for example:
...flavour enhancers
...conservation agents
...artificial aromas
recommendations for suitabilityfor example:
originfor example:
from reginal production
process qualityfor example:
100% Alpine milk
sensory claimsfor example:
now even fruitier in taste
creamy enjoyment


DLG TestService GmbH - Certification Unit, Location: Frankfurt am Main