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International DLG Quality Test for Vinegar


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Why your Vienegar should be tested by us:

  • Qualitative position fixing in an international competitive environment

  • High appreciation level among consumers and the trade

  • Identification of product faults to optimize quality

  • Complements your in-house quality assurance

  • Extensive marketing and communication services


DLG Certification Unit
Cornelia Fleischhauer
Tel. +49 69 24788-383

This is how our experts conduct tests

Monitoring of admission and neutralization

The marketable Vinegars are drawn from the ongoing production process and subjected to extensive quality checks. All the products are rendered anonymous for the sensory analysis tests. This means that the DLG experts assess the product quality without knowing the name of the producer. This guarantees objective test results with a high informative value.

Sensorische Produktanalyse

Unter standardisierten Bedingungen erstellen unsere Sachverständigen für jedes Produkt ein Experten-Gutachten. Dieses enthält Hinweise zur Qualitätsoptimierung. Grundlage sind die international anerkannten produktspezifischen DLG-5-Punkte-Schemata®, die wir kontinuierlich weiterentwickeln. Diese Prüfungen sind nach der DIN EN ISO 17065 akkreditiert.

Inspection of the packaging and labelling

The inspections of packaging and labelling are conducted in rooms separate from the sensory analysis and laboratory tests. This ensures that the neutrality of our test results is maintained. Experts specialized in packaging conduct these tests. The mandatory labelling elements are examined.

Laboratory examinations

Depending on the product and the scope of the tests, scientific partner institutions and organizations conduct product-specific, microbiological, chemical and physical laboratory tests on behalf of DLG and in accordance with recognized official examination procedures.

Test results