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Advertising Regulations 2018 of DLG TestService GmbH Certification Unit Location: Frankfurt am Main

Advertising with DLG Awards Received

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1.1 Advertising is admissible with

  • the test results, the award certificate,
  • the DLG award winner symbol: reproductions of the Bronze, Silver and Gold DLG Medals, with the respective year and the “Annual DLG Award-Winner” in colour and b/w
  • the DLG award winner symbol reproductions for wine: see “6. Special advertising provisions” for wines and sparkling wines 
  • the DLG Medal group,
  • the Medals “Made in Germany”, “Made in ...”
  • textual references to the award (e.g. in press releases or advertisements) in as far as these describe the scope of the award objectively and correctly.

1.2. Admissible ways of using the symbols
The award symbols and certificates may be pictured in any size, although the relationship between width and height must remain the same. The medal reproductions may be pictured in the respective medal colour or in b/w. Any exceptions for technical reasons must be agreed with the DLG in advance. Alterations, especially to the text or the colour, are not permitted. Duplicate documents can only be obtained from the DLG and bear the note “duplicate”.

2. The following provisions apply for the advertising:

2.1 Clarity

  • Advertising with the award symbols and textual references to the DLG award are only allowed in direct spatial connection with the name of the award-winning product(s).
  • The year of the award must be stated.
  • The product being promoted must correspond in type, composition and quality with the award-winning sample.
  • The product advertised must as a matter of principle be offered for sale for the duration of the advertising campaign.
  • The most recent award is always the valid award.

2.2 Exclusivity
Advertising may only be for a product whose condition features are completely identical with the product for which the award was  issued. This also applies for the type of packaging (bottle, can, carton package, etc.). 

2.3 Duration of promotion
The issued DLG award may be used as of the date of the test result for the determined shelf life of the award-winning product. In any case, however, its use is permitted for 24 months. In the case of wine the award may be used without a time limit for the respective award-winning AP number as of the date of award. In the case of partial filling, the partial fillings are to be submitted to DLG for identity checks.

2.4 Advertising with “Annual DLG award-winner”
The prerequisite for using the award symbol or reference “Annual DLG award-winner” is that an award must have been won in at least two consecutive years. If a product does not receive an award at the next test, the right to use the reference “Annual DLG awardwinner” expires three months after the date of the test findings. The award symbol “Annual DLG award-winner” may not be used for wine. Instead the award symbol “DLG award-winner + year” is available next to the usual DLG award in Gold/Silver/Bronze” symbol.

2.5 Advertising with DLG Medal Group
The DLG Medal group can be used for ranges of at least five products for advertising on the packaging of an article from the programme or to advertise an article from the programme. It can also  be used on overarching media. The prerequisite is that all articles from the programme without exception must have a valid DLG award. In addition to the medal group, the DLG award obtained for the product being advertised and the award year must be referred to in the text.

2.6 Advertising with place of production
“Made in Germany”, “Made in ...” Express written consent must first be obtained form DLG for advertising with a symbol referring to the place of production (“Made in Germany”, “Made in ...”). The consent must be applied for, and the applicant must declare in legally binding fashion to DLG that the subject product is produced or processed in accordance with Article 24 of the Regulation (EC) No. 2913/92 in the country or place referred to. The award may be used for a period of 12 months. The symbols may only be depicted in Gold, Silver, Bronze or b/w.

3. Producer awards

3.1 DLG award for long-standing product quality
The “DLG award for long-standing product quality“ is an award for long-standing, tested product quality determined in DLG quality tests and is granted annually to producers by the DLG. The granting of this award requires that the products have been submitted for testing for 5 consecutive years and that at least 3 awards have been granted per year. If this is the case, the company is awarded the “DLG award for long-standing product quality“ for the first time as of the 5th year of successful test participation. If the conditions for the awarding continue to be fulfilled, the company receives the award continuously for the 2nd, 3rd time, etc. If a manufacturer does not participate or if the required number of awards is not reached, he is no longer entitled to this producer award (example: no award in 2014 -> loss of the award as of 1st January 2015). In the coming years, the manufacturer can acquire a new expectancy. However, earlier awards do not count. Companies with more than one business plant: In principle, every business plant is granted the award if it meets the requirements. Upon request, an award can also be granted to a group if all business plants are entitled to it.

3.2 Advertising with the “DLG award for long-standing product quality“
Advertising by the award-winning company is possible via

  • General references and/or
  • Reproduction of the certificate and/or
  • Reproduction of the award logo.

Advertising is permitted for one year reckoned from the date of the award. Periods of grace for using up stocks of promotional material beyond this period will not be granted. Modifications of the original reproductions are not permitted. The use of this producer award for advertising is only permitted for the group/s of products of the company for which the award was granted and/or in close connection with the products for which the award was granted.

4. Miscellaneous

All advertising and publicity measures extending beyond these provisions must be coordinated with DLG. Legal successors of award-winning companies have no claim to further commercial use of such awards as the legal predecessor has won. However, from case to case and on application DLG can agree to further advertising use if the actual prerequisites for this are satisfied.

5. Ban on misleading advertising

Care must be taken to ensure that the advertising does not contain anything which can give rise to misconceptions among the addressees. All data must comply with the law governing competition. The responsibility for this is borne solely by participants. In particular advertisers may not reproduce DLG awards in their own words. Mixing DLG awards or textual references to these awards with the advertiser’s own statements should be avoided as far as possible. Use of a symbol or reference to an award may not under any circumstances arouse the impression that the award relates to other products too that have not gained such an award. The development of advertisers’ own award symbols by analogy with the DLG symbol or with reference to DLG awards is not permissible.