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International DLG Test Special "Cheese Counter"

Extended Registration deadline : 13 June 2022
Testing: 7 and 8 July 2022, Gau-Bickelheim, Germany

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Awarded by cheese sommeliers and DLG experts

Cheese counters stand for the special promise of quality, innovative recipes, exceptional enjoyment and creative skill. With a DLG award, you demonstrate craftsmanship and set quality accents in your cheese and cream cheese range made from cow's, buffalo, sheep's and goat's milk.A jury of sommeliers and DLG experts will evaluate your specialities according to the internationally leading and oldest standard, the DLG 5-point scheme®.

We're looking for the best!

We're looking for the "TOP 3" in selected categories from the segments:

  • Cheese and cheese preparations
  • Cream cheese and cream cheese preparations
  • Spreads and dips made from dairy products

Test criteria: Focus on enjoyment

  • Sensory quality of the products: Appearance, odour, taste and consistency
  • Supplementary risk-based laboratory testing


Inka Scharf
Tel. +49 69 24788-366

Axel Hufnagl
Tel. +49 69 24788-353

Flyer Test Special "Cheese Counter"

Awards at a glance

Awards for the best

The three products with the best test results in the respective category will receive the award
"Golden DLG Award" + addition "1st, 2nd or 3rd place".

  • Cheese and cheese preparations
  • Cream cheese and cream cheese preparations
  • Spreads and dips made from dairy products

Award for all award-winning products

In addition to the top 3 in a category, all products awarded according to the DLG 5-point scheme® will receive a gold, silver or bronze award.

Marketing services

  • Promotional materials at POS*
  • Award label*
  • Certificate
  • Press service
    *Printing templates

Information around the participation

Who may participate?

Manufacturers and trading companies which produce/market the products for cheese counter can participate in the tests. Trading companies can participate in combination with the affiliated producer establishments.

Registration documents

  • Participant data sheet
  • Registration form
  • Product description

Each contest entry, carefully packaged, must arrive at our shipping destination during the period July 4-6, 2022.

DLG TestService GmbH
Wöllsteiner Str. 16,
55599 Gau-Bickelheim

You are free to send the products by parcel service or by post.
You are welcome to have your products delivered by your own messenger.
- Be sure to pay attention to the referigeration chain -

You will receive a test sample waybill for each registered product from the DLG. This document lists all relevant data of your product(s), and you can correct any errors. Please enclose the document with the product(s) when submitting them.

Cheese loaf up to 10 kgminimum 1000 g or
one loaf
Cheese loaf 10 kg - 20 kg½ loaf
Cheese loaf 20 kg and more¼ loaf
Cream cheese / Cream cheese preparationsminimum 1000 g or
whole cake
other milk products