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International Quality Test for Beer, Craft Beer and Beer Mix Beverages

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Why your Beer and Craft beer should be tested by us:

Your Benefits

  • Qualitative position fixing in an international competitive environment
  • High appreciation level among consumers and the trade
  • Identification of product faults to optimize quality
  • Complements your in-house quality assurance
  • Extensive marketing and communication services


DLG-Certification Unit
Hanna Schwarz
Tel. +49 69 24788-371 

This is how our experts conduct tests

The DLG Test is one of the most demanding beer tests worldwide. The beers are subjected to extensive quality checks over a period of three months. The quality test is conducted in cooperation with the two leading Brewery Institutes, VLB Berlin and the Weihenstephan Research Centre for Brewing and Food Quality.

A beer analysis and inspection of the biological stability are conducted in laboratory examinations. In the beer analysis, the experts check the original wort, the stability of the foam, the colour, the degree of turbidity and the carbon dioxide and ethanol content of the beer.

In the final blind sensory tasting, the experts assess whether the odour and taste properties of the end product are typical for the beer type. The testing by ten experts who assess the beers on the basis of scientific requirements in individual test procedures is one of the special features of the DLG Test.

At the heart of the DLG Quality Test are criteria such as foam stability, type-specific taste and the purity of the beers. The sensory assessment and analytical examination of samples from two beer bottling operations (A-sample and B-sample) make it possible to provide statements on the taste stability of the beers. This is one of the most important differences by comparison with other “beer competitions” offered on the market, which only assess single samples.

Experts test Craft Beers

With the Quality Test for Craft Beers, DLG offers the innovative brewing trend an attention-grabbing platform and rewards outstanding Craft Beer specialities with DLG Medals.

In the DLG Test, Craft Beers are assessed in comprehensive sensory tests. By contrast with the conventional DLG Beer Test, only one sample is examined, as here the sensory analysis focuses on the special characteristic of the beers and not on the taste stability of two different bottling cycles.

In order to be able to assess the individual special features of the Craft Beers better, further factors are included in the quality assessment – special formulations, refinement (storage, ageing etc.), product philosophy, historical models and the application of special production methods.


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