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Telephon +49(0)69/24 788-(0), through elections see below.

Plant Products Category

Bread, Rolls and Fine Bakery Products, Confectionery, Pasta, Vegetable Delicatessen and Preserves, Vegetables and Fruit (frozen and unprocessed), Edible Oils and Fats, Vinegar, Plant-Based Products

Sophia Nucke

+49 69 24788-380


Animal Products Category

Meat and Sausage Products, Fresh Meat, Fish and Seafood, Convenience Products, Delicatessen and Preserves of Animal Origin

Cornelia Fleischhauer

+49 69 24788-383

Dairy products

Milk, Dairy products and Ice cream

Inka Scharf

+49 69 24788-366


Beer, Spirits, Mineral Water, Fruit and Soft drinks, Coffee and Tea

Thomas Burkhardt

+49 69 24788-356

Wine & Sparkling Wine

Benedikt Bleile

+49 69 24788-362

Trade and Sales management

Katharina Saffran

+49 69 24788-365

Quality management

Britta Loewe-Stanienda

+49 69 24788-398


Processing of quality tests across all product categories

Petra Krause

+49 69 24788-364