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German-Hungarian Business Forum on Agricultural Technology

4 May 2022, 3 – 5 P.M. (CET) online at

The DLG and the Hungarian Embassy are organising the "German-Hungarian Business Forum on Agricultural Machinery" in cooperation with the German Engineering Federation (VDMA Agricultural Machinery), the Hungarian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association (MEGOSZ) and with the support of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency and the Enterprise Europe Network. It will take place on 4 May 2022 from 3 to 5 p.m. (CET) at as an online event.

The goal of the business forum is to expand cooperation between agricultural machinery manufacturers and dealers from Germany and Hungary and to promote the sale, supply and joint production of agricultural machinery. The goal is to make it easier for Hungarian manufacturers to find business partners in Germany. German companies have the opportunity to get to know potential Hungarian suppliers and business partners.

Renowned speakers from the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, the Association of Hungarian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers as well as the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association and the DLG will speak at the forum. They will report on the current situation in Hungarian and German agriculture and show development perspectives. Special attention is paid to the agricultural machinery industry of both countries. Nine selected Hungarian companies from the agricultural machinery sector will also present themselves in five-minute keynote speeches and discuss points of contact for possible cooperation.

Target group of the event

The event is aimed at German and Hungarian agricultural machinery manufacturers and dealers as well as the supplier industry. The event also offers useful information to German farmers who want to get to know the Hungarian agriculture and agricultural machinery sector.

Event language: German and English

Simultaneous translation will not be provided. The slide presentations are in German.


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    Host: Dr. Olga Hunger, Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe at DLG e.V.

    Word of WelcomeDr. Péter GYÖRKÖS, Hungarian Ambassador to Germany
    Word of WelcomePhilipp Schulze Esking, Vice President of DLG e.V.
    Current situation and development prospects of German agriculture in 2022/2023Erik Guttulsröd, Division Manager Farm Management and Sustainability at the Competence Center Agriculture, DLG e.V.
    Current situation and development prospects of Hungarian agriculture in 2022/2023/Dr. Anikó JUHÁSZ, Deputy State Secretary, Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture
    Market trends in Germany, trends and innovations in German agricultural machinery manufacturing and trade, significance of the Hungarian agricultural machinery marketN.N. , VDMA Agricultural Machinery
    Market trends in Hungary, trends and innovations in Hungarian agricultural machinery manufacturing and trade, significance of the German agricultural machinery market

    Tamás CSANÁDI, President of Hungarian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association (MEGOSZ)

    Company presentations 
    Industrial drone sales and service

    Agrobot Kft. (ABZ Drone Kft.)

    Soil cultivation technology for seedbed preparation

    Busa Bt.

    Technology for frost protection in orchards and vineyards

    Polikov Kft.

    Precise nozzle systems in crop protection

    Tomelilla Kft.

    Electronically controlled component mounting (SMD) and production systems

    Z Elektronika Kft.

    Production of cultivators, disc harrows, subsoilers and cultivators with liquid fertiliser adapters

    Omikron Kft.

    Maize and sunflower harvesting technology

    Optigép Kft.

    Increasing the energy efficiency of stationary grain drying systems

    Dryer Doctor Kft.

    Portrait of Hungarian agricultural machinery companies

    Sales and service of industrial drones and heavy-duty drones, development of customized solutions, organization of training courses, preparation for A1 / A2 / A3 drone exams, distribution of software and training in its use. Official distributor of the largest drone manufacturers and software developers (DJI, MicaSense, Pix4D). We are looking for partners to distribute our custom spray drone, developed and manufactured in-house. This spray drone, manufactured in Europe, with all the necessary approvals, is in many technical parameters more favorable than the most common spray drones. The CDA nozzle allows much more accurate, efficient spraying. Inexpensive, Europe-wide service. We want to sell our extremely successful business model (all services related to drones in one place) abroad in a franchise system, for which we are also looking for partners and investors.

    Customer base
    Agriculture, chemical, construction, law enforcement, security, film industry, logistics, telecommunications, chemical industry.

    Address: H-2000 Szentendre, Kalászi u. 3, Ungarn
    Contact person: Herr Tamás BORI
    Mobil: +36 20 428 1376

    Our company deals with the production, development and sale of agricultural machinery. The development steps of our machines are based on the experience gathered for decades by our partners and on our own experience, not ignoring the modern trends. Based on this, we have different production techniques and production methods for the typical soil conditions in Hungary. We believe that your success depends not only on a purchased machine, but also on the application method of this machine. The Busa Rotor is a working machine for creating seedbeds and finishing ploughing with a fundamentally new mode of operation developed by the founder of our company at the end of the 1980s. The tilling element of our own development is equally used in the field, between rows and on plantations. We think profit. We think technology. We think safety. We think function. That's why we recommend the Busa Rotor.

    Address: H-6000 Kecskemét, Szirom u. 26.
    Contact person: Herr Bence HORVATH
    Telefon: +36 76 703 215
    Mobil: +36 30 856 9330

    The founder of DryerDoctor Ltd. has been engaged in optimization and energy-efficient conversions of stationary drying plants for 40 years in Hungary. Videokontroll - the modern IT monitoring system. The grain dryer is installed on 140 plants - with 22 different technological solutions. 70 dryers have been optimized by us. With this improved drying process it is possible to achieve uniform crop moisture, good storage properties and 20-40% energy savings. At low kernel temperature, the contents of the grains are preserved.  This corresponds to high feed quality. With video control, users can monitor the current kernel temperatures throughout the silo. This helps to prevent fires. Videokontroll is patent protected. Our solution reduces CO2 emissions even in drying processes with high energy consumption.

    Customer base
    We recommend our product for agricultural companies with grain dryers

    Address: H-7700 Mohács Kertész u. 9. 
    Contact person: Frau Lilána MUCK
    Mobil: +36 20 395 1491

    NorAn Agricultural Machinery Factory offers innovative products for agriculture. Our own design and manufacturing department, is located in Tiszakécske, Hungary. We have extensive experience in the application of liquid fertilizer for corn and sunflower crops. This is ensured by the NorAn N-MAX liquid fertilizer injector. With our NorAn X-Press shredding roller, we can easily shred green manure plants and stem residues after harvest. The NorAn Simple universal cultivator has a chopping roller at the front, followed by 5 rows of 70 x 12 mm tines and a locking ring roller. NorAn was the first designer and manufacturer of a strip-till drill in Hungary - the NorAn Striptill 6. It is a very easy to adjust versatile machine, as the adjustment can be done pneumatically from the tractor cab in several places.

    Customer base
    We recommend our product for agricultural companies with grain dryers

    Address: HU 6065, Lakitelek, Vak-Bottyan u 1/a
    Contact person: Herr Norbert SUTO
    Mobil: +36 30/6013161

    Omikron Kft. was established in 1990. We are engaged in the production of agricultural machinery. Our products: Cultivators, disc and deep looseners. The cultivators can be equipped with a liquid fertilizer spraying adapter. In order to save time it is possible to fill them without assistance. The fertilizer can be sprayed onto the leaves or into the soil, minimizing evaporation loss by covering immediately. The machine can be equipped with both application systems, allowing you to use a nutrient delivery method without reassembly. The quantities applied are computer controlled. The user receives feedback on the flow rate. The application rate is manually adjustable while driving.

    Customer base
    Arable farmer

    Address: HU 6044 Kecskemét – Hetényegyháza, Hetényvezér u. 7-9.
    Contact person: Frau Melinda GUBACSI
    Telefon: +36 76 473 200
    Mobil: +36 30 827 4806

    Optigép Gépgyártó és Kereskedelmi Kft. was established more than 30 years ago. Our activities include the development, production and sales of agricultural machinery. Optigép Kft. employs more than 140 people with many years of experience in the production and development of our products. We develop and manufacture corn pickers and sunflower headers. Our main products are the OptiCorn corn picker and the OptiSun sunflower attachment. With these products, we fully dominate the Central and Eastern European market - mainly due to the quality and sophistication of our products. But we also attach great importance to good and fast service and reliable spare parts supply.

    Address: H-5630 Békés, Vésztői út 1/1.
    Contact person: Herr Csaba HEJJA
    Mobil: +36 30/1293680

    The main product of Polikov Kft. is an agricultural machine called FogDragon, which protects orchards from spring frost damage (late frosts). We have good references in apple, peach, grape, citrus, almond, kiwi, plum and cherry orchards. We manufacture the machine in Hungary. We have succeeded in introducing the FogDragon to an ever-growing market. Our dealer network is present in almost all European countries. In Germany, ZG Raiffeisen is our partner. We want to expand our production capacity and are looking for a partner for this purpose.

    Customer base
    Fruit growers, agricultural machinery dealers

    Address: H-1174 Budapest, Erdő u. 27
    Contact person: Herr Peter HARI
    Mobil: +36 20/4366000

    Our company has been engaged in agricultural machinery sales and the development of agricultural technology with a focus on the potential of precision technology since 2004. The IntelliNozzle intelligent nozzle system (presentation during the forum) is one of the solutions to the challenges of crop protection outlined in the European Green Deal. Our customer base also determines our business policy and product range. We deal exclusively in top-of-the-line machinery: We are Kverneland dealers since 2004, Garford importers since 2005, McHale dealers since 2012. In the field of electronics developments, we closely cooperate with Z Elektronika Kft. in Pécs.

    Customer base
    Medium and large farms (farm sizes between 100-30,000 ha/247-74,000 acre)

    Address: H-7672-Boda, Rákóczi u. 2/a.
    Contact person: Herr István Borsiczky, PhD
    Mobil: +36 30-494-5967

    Our company is mainly specialized in electronic series production (component placement) and prototype production. The state-of-the-art electronically controlled component placement (SMD) and production equipment guarantee quality. Components from 01005" to special shape components of 90x100 mm can be assembled. For the assembly of THT components conventional and also selective wave soldering machines are available. For production control, a self-developed process control software is used. The necessary infrastructure was designed individually. This enables us to record detailed tracking data at all stations of SMT and the assembly process, from part placement and climate testing to automatic optical inspection and mechanical surface treatment (painting, adhesives, thermal paste). For the functional testing of our products, we also build automatic and semi-automatic needle bed testers, whose software and hardware requirements, are adapted to the expectations of our customers. Product ideas can be realized with our own development team (HW and SW). Therefore we are able to offer our customers a turnkey solution. We are your partner for electronics!

    Customer base
    Z Elektronika Kft mainly develops and manufactures industrial, safety and precision electronics for agriculture; prototype manufacturing for automotive industry is also included in our portfolio. Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001

    Address: H-7630 Pécs, Bajor u. 5; Ungarn
    Contact person: Herr Gyula ULRICH
    Mobil: +36 70/3683417

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