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Expert Talks

The DLG-Feldtage, the open air trade fair for crop professionals, highlighted topics on legumes, organic farming as well as the use of organic fertilizers to enable knowledge transfer from science to practice. The topics are relevant for different agricultural regions of this world, as well, and experiences and expertise can be exchanged between international experts and regions. Therefore, DLG Competence Center Agriculture and GIZ enabled international Expert Talks to foster professional exchange on farming topics. We invited specialists from Germany, Benin, Madagascar and India to discuss about their expertise on different agricultural methods used in the respective region.


For centuries, legumes have been a precious source for proteins. Yet, its cultivation was almost forgotten over time. However, in Germany as well as in Benin, farmers learn to introduce the crop into their field management again. The advantages of legumes regarding soil health, nutrient efficiency and its use for food and feed due to its high protein content help to overcome degraded soils and nutrient deficiency. DLG and GIZ jointly discussed the reintroduction and the use of legumes with Ulrich Qendt, Project DemoNetErBo, Germany, Tobias Godau and Abdoul Mien, proSOL project, GIZ, Benin. Despite the huge distance between the countries, challenges to the introduction of legumes in agriculture are similar.

Further information are accessible at Ökolandbau NRW: Startseite and Madagascar (

Organic farming

Organic farming is not only an increasing market but offers solutions for resilient agriculture. Facing drought, biodiversity loss and soil degradation, worldwide organic farming is tested to improve crop rotations, save water and close nutrient cycles. DLG invited experts from Germany and the GIZ in Madagascar to discuss about methods and experiences in organic farming. Dr. Stephan Jung, Chamber of Agriculture North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Tahina Raharison, GSDM, Professionnels de l’Agroécologie, Madagascar as well as Emilie Perrouset, GIZ, Madagascar, showed in impressing projects how organic farming in such different regions can be an alternative or supplement in crop production.

Further information of the GIZ-project in India are accessible at or general information about the entire project named Soil Protection and Rehabilitation for Food Security (ProSoil) at

Organic fertilization

The occasion of the International Year of Plant Health gives good reason to think about how organic products could potentially increase plant and soil health. International experts from Germany and India are discussing this topic intensively in this recorded podcast. DLG invited Mr. Florian Wichern, Professor at University of Applied Sciences Rhine-Vaal, Germany, and two representatives from GIZ-project partner organisations in India, Mrs. Pradnay Thombar, Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) and Mr. Sachin Kamble, National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). The digital discussion includes supplementing slides and provides valuable insights of knowledge and experiences in both countries.