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Trends in pig farming

Pig farmers need innovations to further develop their animal husbandry. In the international comparison pig farmers set different priorities.

For pig farmers in Germany, innovations in the regulation of stable ventilation and feeding technology are the most important areas of innovation. Because an optimally air-conditioned stable is the premise for healthy animals. Feeding technology makes a significant contribution to efficient feeding and the avoidance of feed losses. And the improvement of animal husbandry by in terms of a gain of an animal welfare is also in focus.

For pig farmers in the Netherlands, improving animal welfare is the most important area of innovation. The "better leven" program has established "animal welfare meat" in the market and has made animal welfare an economically important factor for many pig farmers.

Pig farmers in Poland have a broad interest in the different fields of innovation. The focus is on the regulation of stable ventilation for a good stable climate, feeding technology for efficient feeding and better animal husbandry for more animal welfare.