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Sali Morris - Wheels for optimum productivity

Interview by Erminia Ciarleglio, DLG

DLG Member Mrs Sali Morris from Great Britain works for moveero ltd, the leading manufacturer of off-highway steel wheels which supplies major global OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). While customers in the agricultural sector tend to develop bigger machines capable of carrying increased payloads, travelling at faster speeds, moveero ltd. aims to work alongside them to provide the technical expertise that will help deliver products that support this.

Mrs Morris, please tell us about your company, what is it about and who are your customers?

moveero is a world leading manufacturer of off-highway wheels, with a history that dates back to 1908. The company has a proud heritage and continues to maintain its market leadership in the sectors in which it operates: agriculture, construction, material handling and forestry.
The company design, manufactures and supplies a broad range of high-quality, high-performance wheels, with its industry renowned Profi range meeting the needs of farmers across the globe, providing unique solutions that meet the demands of ever-larger and more-powerful tractors.
The patented Profi range has been used, tested and proven on farms worldwide, delivering solutions to address problems that arise from increased speeds, greater horsepower and payloads and soil compaction, and provide protection for the soil and tyres in both wet and dry conditions. All the company’s wheels are designed to maximise in-field tyre and fuel efficiency and optimise productivity.

What makes moveero ltd. as a world leading manufacturer of off-highway wheels so special?

Our heritage, expertise and drive to deliver solutions to our customers, wherever they are in the world, makes us the supplier of choice for off-highway wheels. We work in partnership with our customers and suppliers, to support the production of machinery that is efficient, productive, safe and reliable for end-users.

Cultivating a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement across our plants and R&D and test centres worldwide, we continue to offer market-leading products, using our unique design, development, testing and manufacturing expertise.

The Ukrainian War, Corona and the economy, does the crisis also affect your business?

Like many businesses we have faced an extraordinarily challenging period, beginning with the issues caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and now the impact of the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and the global economic slowdown.

However, moveero prides itself on its resilience and our dedicated and experienced global sales and engineering teams work tirelessly to communicate and develop solutions that minimise the impact of disruptions on our customers.

Do you think this will have an impact on British agriculture?

Inevitably yes as any disruption to European and global markets will impact on British producers and manufacturers. We will continue to work closely with our customers and suppliers to help support each other through these times.

Which DLG trade fair show will you be visiting next?

We are very much looking forward to exhibiting at Agritechnica next year. After the enforced break in global exhibitions, we are looking forward to meeting customers, colleagues and partners in Hanover and to showcasing our range of products along with our latest innovations and developments and of course our new identity which was launched in August 2021.