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DLG extends its world-wide animal husbandry trade fair portfolio by leveraging the EuroTier brand


The DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) is expanding its international trade fair portfolio in the animal husbandry segment by launching three new exhibition events during 2019. DLG, the organization behind EuroTier, the world's leading exhibition for animal production professionals, is extending the EuroTier brand by holding trade fairs serving the needs of livestock farmers in the Gulf region, South America and China.

“EuroTier South America” will debut between 23rd and 25th July 2019. It will be followed by “EuroTier Middle East” from 9th to 11th September 2019 and by “EuroTier China” from 19th to 21st September 2019.

The first EuroTier trade fair was launched in 1993 at Hanover’s Exhibition Grounds and now takes place every two years. Like the original EuroTier, the name of which literally translates from German as “Euro animal”, these new EuroTier-branded trade fairs will feature an extensive range of appropriate technologies for the animal husbandry sector in these specific regions, a hosted-buyer invitation program as well as a technical and conference program tailored for the different markets.

EuroTier promotes modern animal husbandry

The Chairman of the DLG’s Exhibitions Department, René Döbelt, said animal husbandry markets were developing world-wide, and that new technologies and economic and social trends placed specific technical requirements on the different agricultural regions around the world.

“Therefore, the decision to offer farmers additional international trade fairs under the EuroTier brand comes at exactly the right time,” added Döbelt. “EuroTier is the world's leading trade fair for animal husbandry professionals, and its business and innovation platform offers a comprehensive overview of the global topics and trends in modern animal husbandry. We can leverage this promise of quality to create new trade fairs and expert farming networks that can focus completely on the challenges and strategies central to the various agricultural regions of the world.”

As a result, exhibitors and visitors will benefit from EuroTier’s international professional expertise to develop strategies adapted to the respective location; to introduce new trade platforms; and to successfully structure regional animal husbandry within globalized markets.

DLG’s trade fair experience plus local expertise

Indeed, the three new trade fairs will benefit from this accumulated expertise at EuroTier and will therefore be able to offer the entire range of products and services for animal husbandry professionals – from technology, services and genetics to farm inputs and other upstream and downstream areas – under the slogan “One Brand – All Segments”.

“Animal husbandry professionals will be provided with a comprehensive insight into the various production and marketing segments for both specific species and across all product categories,” said Jens Kremer, DLG Department Manager for Business Development and Sales.The DLG will be working with hand-picked local partners that are all leaders in their respective fields. These were selected on the basis of their competence in exhibition management and their local expertise in the animal husbandry sector.

“We will be cooperating with partners that already have excellent livestock husbandry networks in their respective agricultural regions to present EuroTier Middle East, EuroTier South America and EuroTier China,” added Mr Kremer. “They will work with us to develop innovative concepts at each of the three locations. We believe they will provide important input to the exhibitions and the specialist offerings of EuroTier.”

EuroTier South America

The first EuroTier in South America will take place from 23rd to 25th July 2019 at the LAR Convention Centre in Medianera in the Brazilian state of Paraná – a focus point for Brazilian animal husbandry. The new exhibition is called EuroTier South America. Current market research results from DLG-Agrifuture Insights, a large-scale farmer survey covering 13 countries, indicate a high level of investment confidence – 40 percent – for Brazil in the coming 12 months. Farmers in the poultry sector, in particular, intend to invest increasingly in expanding production, but are also interested in topics relevant for husbandry, such as poultry house hygiene, as well as focusing on strengthening their international competitiveness. The energy sector also continues to be an important field of activity for Brazilian farmers, while in the dairy cattle sector milk producers are banking on robust genetics, efficient cost management and increasing mechanization and digitization.

EuroTier South America will be held in cooperation with the long-established traditional media company Gessulli and Brazil's most important trade fair for animal husbandry, AveSui.

The exhibition will be supported by CODAPAR (Companhia de Desenvolvimento Agropecuário do Paraná), a company that works together with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture.

“Agriculture and animal husbandry are key areas of the Brazilian economy,” said George Hiraiwa, the Agriculture Secretary of Paraná, who is convinced that EuroTier in Brazil will be successful. “Technological know-how, networking with international experts and knowledge of developments on international agricultural markets are decisive for the success of Brazilian agriculture. The world-leading EuroTier trade fair, with its concept covering all segments and species, is a strong platform from which farmers in Brazil and the rest of South America will benefit.”

EuroTier Middle East

The leading trade fair for animal husbandry professionals celebrates its premier in the Gulf region from 9th to 11th September 2019 when EuroTier Middle East takes place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The Middle East region is a growing livestock market, and is one of the major drivers of the poultry industry. State subsidy programs such as those in Saudi Arabia, for instance, are aimed at meeting 60 percent of the demand for poultry from domestic production within the next five years. Current challenges faced by the livestock sector in the region include agricultural structural change and high operating costs, as well as biosecurity.

The government organization Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA), which provides the region’s farmers with technical advice and an extensive range of services, is a cooperation partner of EuroTier Middle East. The support of the most important producers from the United Arab Emirates has also been secured.

 “We are very proud to be hosting EuroTier Middle East 2019 in Abu Dhabi. We recognise the strengths of the United Arab Emirates and the vision of our Leadership as we wish to leverage technological advancements and create a more sustainable supply chain for livestock and livestock products,” said His Excellency Saeed Albahri Salem Alameri, Director General of ADFCA.

“In the MENA region consumers spend the highest proportion of their food budget on meat. At 24 percent, this is driving the growth and momentum of the industry. We want the global meat industry to take notice of this consumer demand and react by bringing their best market-driven ideas and innovations to Euro Tier Middle East 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

”Breeding and farming animals that match consumer quality expectations, and processing facilities that deliver what the customer demands are critical to meeting the growth predictions for the region,” added Mr. Alameri.

EuroTier China

The third new trade fair to be launched under the EuroTier brand, EuroTier China, will take place at Qingdao International Convention & Exhibition Center from 19th to 21st September 2019. According to DLG-Agrifuture Insights, about a third of all farmers surveyed in China intend to invest in their businesses in the coming 12 months. Pig producers showed above-average confidence, with 42 percent of them planning to invest. The focus of pig farmers was on modernization of existing facilities, while livestock farmers generally are especially interested in technological trends for improving animal health, reducing emissions in animal husbandry and increasing feeding efficiency.

“The Chinese market offers great potential for EuroTier,” said Yang Zhenhai, Director General of the country’s National Animal Husbandry Service (NAHS). “It can present itself to a changing agricultural sector as the world's leading trade fair on questions relating to animal husbandry technology, increasing digitization and automation, and sustainable use of resources. However, it is also a source of information on the changing global expectations for the livestock industry, and will allow new business networks and attractive trade platforms to be opened up for exhibitors,” added Mr. Yang.

Extensive technical and hosted-buyer invitation programs

The range of exhibitors at the three EuroTier trade fairs will be supplemented with technical programs tailored to the regional topics in which the DLG will cooperate with international and national partners.

“With the knowledge and the industry-specific know-how of our international network of experts, and thanks to the technical and test competence in agricultural technology, the DLG is a competent partner that can provide important signposts for animal husbandry in the various agricultural regions,” said Jens Kremer. “The hosted-buyer invitation programs we are developing for the exhibitions will further strengthen the importance of EuroTier as a business marketplace and world-wide trade platform by putting together a tailor-made combination of companies, farmers and investors.”

At EuroTier in Hanover, Germany, some 2600 exhibitors from 62 countries gather on about 26 hectares of exhibition space in 16 exhibition halls. This offering is strengthened by the mix of high-tech solutions from exhibitors from countries with a particularly rich history in the development of livestock equipment. These include Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, France and Spain, to name a few of the countries that are considered leaders in animal husbandry. Some 160,000 farming visitors attend EuroTier, and the majority of these are farmers investing in equipment solutions for the future.

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