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EnergyDecentral 2018

Combined heat and power plants in agriculture

Farmers and companies involved with food production that want a self-sufficient source of electricity and heat could find a combined heat and power (CHP) plant a particularly rational form of energy production. Thanks to recent advances in drive technology and exhaust after-treatment, CHPs can provide the energy needed for farm operations or food production, while meeting future emission limits. The latest engines and exhaust catalyst systems for CHP plants will feature at the EnergyDecentral exhibition, the international trade fair for innovative energy supply, which takes place alongside the EuroTier exhibition from 13 to 16 November 2018 at Hanover.

The exhibitor program includes high-performance systems for the production of electricity, heat and cold, which farmers can use to make themselves less dependent on energy providers. Engines from numerous manufacturers will be on show, and these can be operated with biogas, produced from the fermentation of raw materials and by-product residues.

The generated electricity can be consumed locally or fed into the public grid, and at the same time the heat produced can be used for production processes or to warm buildings.

Germany’s air pollution control regulation (known as TA Luft) has recently been amended to introduce stricter controls on engine emissions legislation. As a result, CHP manufacturers attending EnergyDecentral expect an investment boost from plant operators installing new technology. The focus will be on low-emission engines and emission-reduction technologies.

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