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DLG Agrifuture is the online magazine for professional farming worldwide. Farming executives get expert information about trends in international agribusiness as well as surveys and tests of agricultural machinery, equipment and farm inputs.


Appeal for a responsible agriculture

Organic farming is often seen as the ideal way to meet numerous challenges facing agriculture. Anyway, it is too easy to draw a simple opposition between “organic” and “conventional” - a sustainable agriculture in the long term is needed.

Biodiesel: The scam with hydrogenated vegetable oils

Since the beginning of the year, hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO) have been arriving in Germany from dubious sources: palm oil residues from oil mills, used cooking oils or undeclared goods. In each case, China is involved - and in most cases it…

Farm management: Friendliness can be trained

Capricious weather, volatile markets, high stress levels - it's easy to be in a bad mood. However, if you regularly offend or hurt others with your appearance and behaviour, you should urgently work on your friendliness.