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Modern stables are the investment purpose in Europe

Chart of the month (November/2018)

While livestock farmers in Germany and the Netherlands are modernising existing plants in particular to implement environmental and animal welfare requirements, the focus is on new building new plants in Poland and France. This is shown by the chart of the month of "Agrifuture Insights".

For example, the Initiative Tierwohl encourages pig farmers to make their stalls animal-friendly, as there is an economic perspective for more animal welfare in the barn. Livestock farmers surveyed in the Netherlands are also particularly active in the fields of feeding technology, feed stores and livestock facilities. Because state regulations, such as the phosphorus quota, and the Beter Leven program lead to the livestock farmers modernize their stables but also modernize the feeding to achieve a higher feed efficiency. And new livestock facilities are necessary if the housing conditions are more oriented towards animal welfare.

In Poland and France dairy cattle sheds are an important investment focus of the interviewed livestock farmers. Dairy cattle farmers in France want to improve production with new stables and provide more cow comfort. Milk production in Poland is still undergoing structural change, and with investments, farmers are modernizing their production to enhance their international competitiveness.

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