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Challenges for farmers

Chart of the month (March/2018)

DLG-Agrifuture Insights is the new DLG-knowledge brand and platform for international trend analysis in farming. It examines the business environment in agriculture and agribusiness through a global panel of 1,650 leading farmers in 11 countries. Every month, Agrifuture Insights publishes a "Chart of the Month" from the extensive range of development trends in international agricultural markets. In this month:

Challenges for farmers

Farmers in Germany and France assess securing profitability and social acceptance as important challenges in farm management.

More than 70 percent of farmers in France and Germany see production costs and securing profitability as well as social acceptance as biggest challenges for the future. As rising standards in manuring and animal welfare requires adaptation in production and increases production costs.

Especially farmers in Germany assess rising standards in animal welfare as a big challenge. They have to adapt their production systems and generate higher revenues in order to meet the requirements and ensure profitability.

Compared to farmers in France and Germany, less farmers in The Netherland asses animal welfare, social acceptance and production costs as challenges. Farmers in The Netherlands already adapt their production systems on the changing requirements in this areas. In Addition successful animal welfare programmes allowed farmers to generate higher revenues based on higher production standards.