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Apps widely used

Chart of the month (April/2018)

DLG-Agrifuture Insights is the new DLG-knowledge brand and platform for international trend analysis in farming. It examines the business environment in agriculture and agribusiness through a global panel of 1,650 leading farmers in 11 countries. Every month, Agrifuture Insights publishes a "Chart of the Month" from the extensive range of development trends in international agricultural markets.

When asked about the regular use of digital tools, the use of apps is widespread across all countries. Here especially farmers in the Netherlands are leading. There, the use of herd management software is also high on the agenda, and Dutch farmers are also leading in the use of software for support of decision-making by European comparison.

In the UK the transfer of data to public authorities plays a major role. More than one in two farmers surveyed regularly transmits data to authorities. British farmers are leading in – still limited – use of cloud services, and software for support of decision-making is also used relatively frequently.

In addition to app use, the German farmer's favourite child is using field catalogues, which are regularly used by significantly more than half of the respondents. In its infancy there is still the possibility of using cloud software for the processing of operational data in Germany. So far, this only applies to pioneers.