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BVL Straw blower V-Comfort Turbo

DLG-APPROVED: Straw distribution, output capacity, power consumption

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A test mark “DLG-APPROVED for individual criteria” is awarded for agricultural products which have successfully fulfi lled a scopereduced usability testing conducted by the DLG according to independent and recognised evaluation criteria. The test is intended to highlight particular innovations and key criteria of the test object. The test may contain criteria from the DLG test scope for overall tests, or focus on other value-determining characteristics and properties of the test subject. The minimum requirements, test conditions and procedures as well as the valuation bases of the test results will be specifi ed in consultation with an expert group of the DLG. They correspond to the recognized rules of technology, as well as the scientifi c and agricultural knowledge and requirements. The successful testing is concluded with the publication of a test report, as well as the awarding of the test mark which is valid for fi ve years from the date of awarding.

The DLG-APPROVED test in the single criteria "Straw distribution, output capacity, power consumption"
included measurements conducted under real-world conditions. The straw distribution, the throughput performance and power consumption were measured. Test basis was the DLG test framework for straw blowers, current as of June 2016. Other criteria were not tested

Evaluation – short version

The straw blower V-Comfort Turbo, a straw blower mounted to BvL V-MIX trailed feed mixer wagon was examined with the DLG-approved individual test criteria under real-world conditions regarding the functional and performance properties.

Table 1: Results at a glance

* Evaluation range: + + / + /◯ / – / – – (◯ = standard / n.e. = no evaluation)
Test feature Test result Assessment*
Straw distribution  
Maximum throwing distance 30 m ++
Straw distribution good +
Output performance very high ++
Power requirement 10,9 KW sec./kg +

The product

Strohgebläse V-Comfort Turbo


Description and technical data

The straw blower V-Comfort Turbo tested here is a straw blower for the mounting onto a BvL trailed feed mixer wagon from the V-MIX series. It is used for the straw distribution in deep scattering stables. The mechanically-driven straw blower is attached to the front of the feed mixer wagon. Alternatively, a mounting in the rear is also possible.

In order to reduce the dust, the feed mixer wagon can also be equipped with a water spraying nozzle (optional accessory).

In the test, the straw blower was mounted on a V-Mix Plus 20-2S feed mixer wagon with two mixing augers. Foreign objects, such as stones can be fi ltered out using the standardly attached stone trap. Optionally, BvL offers a reduction gear box, through which the power required for the starting torque can be reduced.

Main dimensions and weights

Main dimensions and weights  
Additional length (for the feed mixer wagon) 750 mm
Additional weight (for the feed mixer wagon) 1000 kg for a rear-mounting
1225 kg for a front-mounting for V-MIX 1S
1300 kg for a front-mounting for V-MIX 2S
Total machine height (including tyres) 2700 mm
Diameter impeller 1460 mm
Number of discharge scoops 8

The method

Straw distribution

The maximum discharge distance and the spreading width were measured at the speed of the tractor's pto shaft of 540 min-1 (tractor with a power of 70 KW (95 PS)) and an dissolution or mixing time of 3 minutes. The straw distribution was measured at maximum throwing distance and at a distance of 15 m. For this, collection trays (50 x 50 x 10 cm) were arranged laterally along the direction of travel flush-mounted to each other on the test field. The feed mixer wagon with the straw blower was pulled or respectively propelled by a tractor with a power of 70 KW (95 HP). The collection trays were passed with a speed of 1.4 km/h (slow speed forward during the distribution in the stable). The quantities of straw collected in the collection trays were weighed, and the average straw distribution per m² calculated from three repetitions.

Output performance

The output performance in kg/minute was determined with a tractor's pto shaft speed of 540 min-1 using the weighing system of the feed mixer wagon.

Power requirement

The power consumption during the dissolution and distributing of square bales was determined by measuring the necessary drive power via a torque-measuring hub at the pto shaft. The specific power requirement (KW sec/kg) to dissolution and spreading of straw is calculated relative to the dry matter mass.

The test results in detail

Straw distribution

The maximum throwing distance with a tractor pto shaft speed of 540 min-1 is 30 meters. The maximum
spreading width is 6 meters.

The straw distribution is proper when using barley straw (92.4 %DM) with a maximum throwing distance and at 15 m throwing distance. The straw distribution is, however, dependent on the straw type, straw bale form and dissolution or respectively the mixing time of the feed mixer wagon. At the maximum throwing distance, the discharge opening of the straw blower had a distance of 252.5 cm to the ground. At a throwing distance of 15 m, the discharge opening of the straw blower had a distance of 221.5 cm to the ground. The respective straw distributions are shown in diagrams 1 and 2.

Throughput performance

The throughput capacity is comparatively very high, and with a fully-filled feed mixer wagon (2 square bales, 740 kg barley straw 92.4 % DM, dissolution-mixing time of 3 minutes) amounted to a maximum of 318 kg/minute with a speed of the tractor's pto shaft at 540 min-1.

Power requirement

Power consumption (measured at the tractor's pto shaft speed of 540 min-1) with an empty feed mixer wagon was 3.8 KW on average. With the straw blower additionally switched on, the average power demand amounted to 11.2 KW. During the dissolution and distributing of 740 kg of straw (two square bales, barley straw 92.4 % DM) with a throughput capacity of 318 kg/min. the power requirement amounted to an average of 53.1 KW. The calculated specific power requirement during the dissolution and spreading of straw (92.4 % DM) is low with only 10.9 KW sec./kg.


Criteria tested in the DLG approved single criteria test at hand, assess functional and performance
properties of the Straw Blower V-Comfort Turbo. The tested Straw Blower V-Comfort Turbo has satisfied the requirements of the test scope regarding the examined criteria.

Applicant and manufacturer

Bernard van Lengerich
Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
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48488 Emsbüren

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Test performed by

DLG e.V.,
Test Center
Technology and Farm Inputs,
Max-Eyth-Weg 1,
64823 Groß-Umstadt

DLG test scope
DLG-approved single criteria test “Straw blower"
(current as of 06/2016)

Area of expertise
Livestock systems

Project director
Graduate engineer. agr. Susanne Gäckler

Test engineer(s)
Dr. Harald Reubold *

* Author


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