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Oberleitner Windschutz Sand bed honeycomb LINDA  

DLG-APPROVED: "BTS Cattle (Females)"

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The Approval

A test mark “DLG-APPROVED for individual criteria” is awarded for agricultural products which have success­fully fulfilled a scope-
reduced usability testing conducted by DLG according to independent and recognised evaluation criteria. The test is intended to highlight particular innovations and key criteria of the test object. The test may contain criteria from the DLG test scope for overall tests, or focus on other value-determining characteristics and properties of the test subject. The minimum requirements, test conditions and procedures as well as the evaluation bases of the test results will be specified in consultation with an expert group of DLG. They corres­pond to the recognised rules of technology, as well as scientific and agricultural knowledge and requirements. 

The successful testing is concluded with the publication of a test report, as well as the awarding of the test mark which is valid for five years from the date of awarding. 

Assessment – Brief Summary

Table: Overview of results

The “BELLA” Latex Cow Mattress tested here, an elastic floor covering for the resting area in cubicle houses, was investiga­ted with regard to durability and comfort properties on test stands in the DLG Test. The deformability and elasticity of the cubicle mat, the abrasion resistance, the slip resistance, the acid resistance were measured and a permanent tread load was applied. Requirements of DIN 3763 are fulfilled. Deformation and Elasticity corres­ponds to class 3 DIN 3763.

DLG Quality profile   Evaluation*
Deformability and elasticity in new condition


Deformability and elasticity following endurance test


Lasting deformation following endurance test


No noticeable wear following endurance test


Abrasion/Wear resistance


Resistance to feed acid mixture


Resistance to uric acid


Resistance to sulfurous acid


Resistance to ammonia


Resistance to barn disinfectants


Resistance to peracetic acid

■■■ ***

Slip resistance 


DLG Evaluation range:
■■■   or better = meets, exceeds or significantly exceeds the established DLG standards,  ■■= meets the legal requirements for marketability,  = failed
**  ■■Single criteria slip resistance:  = passed,  = failed
*** ■■■Single criteria acid resistance:  ■■   = resistant,   = limited resistant,  = failed

Manufacturer and contact information

Manufacturer and Applicant

Novaya Solutions, 
Burgemeester A. Guilbertlaan 16, 
8700 Tielt

Phone +32 (0)51 426954
Fax +32 (0)51 409366



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