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Gummiwerk KRAIBURG Elastik GmbH & Co. KG BELMONDO® Horsewalker

DLG-APPROVED "Slip Resistance"

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A test mark „DLG-APPROVED for individual criteria“ is awarded for agricultural products which have successfully fulfilled a scope-reduced usability testing conducted by DLG according to independent and recog­nised evaluation criteria. The test is intended to highlight particular innovations and key criteria of the test object. The test may contain criteria from the DLG test scope for overall tests, or focus on other value-determining characteristics and properties of the test subject. The minimum requirements, test conditions and procedures as well as the evaluation bases of the test results will be specified in consultation with an expert group of DLG. They correspond to the recognised rules of technology, as well as scientific and agricultural knowledge and requirements. The successful testing is concluded with the publication of a test report, as well as the awarding of the test mark which is valid for five years from the date of awarding. The test was based on the DLG Testing Frame-work for elastic flooring for horses, as of August 2019.

Test results


DLG quality profileEvaluation*
Horse hoof, dry condition++
Horse hoof, wet condition ++
Horseshoe, dry condition     ++
Horseshoe, wet condition++

*    DLG Evaluation range:
Single criteria slip resistance:  
+ = passed,  
- = failed

Manufacturer and contact information

Manufacturer and Applicant

Gummiwerk KRAIBURG Elastik GmbH & Co. KG
Göllstraße 8
D-84529 Tittmoning

Phone +49 (0)8683 701-527
Fax +49 (0)8683 701-4527 


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