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Silage film Triocare

white/black, UV-stabilized, 150 μm

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The certification mark

The DLG QUALITY SEAL for operating equipment and con­sum­ables encompasses products, which are subjected to extensive testing of their value-determining and advertised characteristics. The tested criteria and the requirements to be fulfilled are spe­cified by independent commissions and are designed – over and above legal requirements – to prove the product’s fitness for purpose, its advertised characteristics and practical requirements. Testing contents and requirements are developed further by the responsible specialist departments of the DLG e.V. in line with the applicable legislation, as well as with technical and scientific progress. Successful testing is concluded with the assignment of the DLG QUALITY SEAL. The approved products are then published.

The DLG quality seal test included technical measurements in the laboratory. The test basis was the DLG test frame for for recyclate-free and recyclate-containing silage films made of low-density polyethylene (PE-LD) with and without barrier layers, as of November 2022.

No other criteria were examined.

Assessment in brief

The silage film Triocare, white/black, UV-stabilized, 150 microns tested here, was tested in the DLG quality seal test in the laboratory on mechanical, physical, chemical and aging properties.

DLG QUALITY PROFILERequirementEvaluation*
Film dimensions≥ nominal length, ≥ 98 % nominal width

Film thickness0,143 ≤ d ≤ 0,158 mm

Material conditionevenly coloured, free of streaks and pores

Tearing force in new conditionlongitudinally, transversely, over folds: ≥ 25 N/cm

Elongation of tears in new conditionlongitudinally, transversely, over folds: ≥ 400 %

Tear resistance in new statelongitudinally, transversely, over folds: ≥ 17 MPa

Dart drop resistance in new conditioncompliance with the manufacturer's declaration

Elongation of tear transversely after acid storagereduction: < 15 %

Tear resistance transverse after acid storagereduction: < 10 %

Elongation of tears transversely after aging (weathering)> 350 %; reduction in new condition: < 30 %

Change in size after warm storage after aginglongitudinal: ≤ 2 % / transverse: < 2 %

Oxygen permeability in 0,2 bar< 250 cm³/(m² · d)

*    Evaluation range: requirements fulfilled () / requirements not fulfilled (X)

The Product

Description and Technical Data

White/black silage film, UV-stabilized, nominal thickness 150 microns. The silage film consists of 80 % PCR, 10 % lowdensity polyethylene (PE-LD) and 10 % other re­cyclate. The silage film has received the Blue Angel ecolabel (DE UZ 30a) and has been certified by RecyClass.

Table 2: Technical data (company information)

Main dimensions 
Nominal thickness150 µm
Length25 to 400 m
Width4 to 18 m

Individual widths and sizes available on request.

The Method


The suitability of the silage film was determined on the basis of the laboratory results judged.

Film dimensions

The length and width of the silage film are calibrated band measurement.

Film thickness

The film thickness is calculated in accordance with DIN ISO 4593:2019-06 at +23 °C (stay with regenerate film the stalks are not taken into account).

Material quality

It is visually checked whether the film has a evenly has opaque colouring and is free of smears and pores.


Important parameters for the strength of a silage film are tearing force (per cm film width), tear resistance (based on the cross-section of the sample body) and the elongation of the rip (elongation of the specimen to the breaking).

Tear force, elongation and tear resistance longi­­tu­dinal, transverse and over folds are measured in accordance to DIN according to DIN EN ISO 527-3:2019-02 at +23 °C; test speed 500 mm/min; Type 2 sample body; deformation measurement between measuring marks, in new condition
measured by acid storage.

Acid storage: 10 days storage in mixed acid from 3 % milk, 1.5 % vinegar, 0.5 % butyric acid. The penetration resistance of the film is applied in surface, fold and the weld based on DIN EN ISO 7765-1:2004-10, procedure A performed. In doing so, the values specified by the manufacturer are checked.

Aging behaviour/weather resistance

The weathering of the material is controlled with xenon arc lamps according to DIN EN ISO 4892-2, method A, synchronisation with irrigation 102/18 to 2000 MJ/m2, black standard temperature 60 ±3 °C, relative humidity 65 ±3 %, EUV=60 W/m2. After that, the elongation of the tear is DIN EN ISO 527-3:2019-02  measured in transverse direction.

Change in measure after hot storage

The dimensional measured is changed in accordance with DIN 53377:2007-10 Change in moderation after 1/2 hour storage in +80 °C hot air.

Gas permeability

The gas permeability is determined according to DIN 53380-3: 1998-07 with oxygen at +23 °C; 0.2 bar, investigated.

Continuous monitoring audit

The product quality is determined according to the annually by a DLG monitoring audit controlled.
In addition, the manufacturer must measures of self-control in production obliged.

Detailed account of the test results


The silage film Triocare, white/black, UV-stabilized, 150 microns, is suitable for silage cover.

Film dimensions

The measured film dimensions corresponded to film length and film width of the declaration.

Film thickness

As an average value for the film thickness, 0.151 mm was determined. The measured microvalue was 0.136 mm and the measured maximum value was 0.166 mm. As a result, the requirements for the mean for the film thickness and the permissible deviations are of the average value have been complied with.

Material quality

The film was uniformly opaquely coloured.


In new condition
The tearing force was 40.3 N/cm, transverse 40.1 N/cm and over folds 39.6 N/cm (minimum value 25 N/cm each). Taking into account the film thickness resulting in a tear resistance longitudinally of 27.2 MPa , across 28.1 MPa and over folds 26.1 MPa (minimum value 17 MPa each). The elongation at the break was 591 %, transver­sely 688 % and over folds at 685 % above the required minimum value of 400 %. The film thus fulfilled the requirements.

After acid storage
After ten days of storage in a mixed acid (3 % milk, 1.5 % vinegar and 0.5 % butyric acid) reduction in tear resistance transversely was 2.1 % (per-
missible ≤ 10 %); the reduction of the elongation of the transversely was 2.2 % (allowed ≤ 15 %). Acid resistance was thus given.

Dart drop resistance

When checking the penetration resistance in the surface, fold and weld are Manufacturer specified values area ≥ 500 g, fold ≥ 200 g.

Aging behaviour/weather resistance

After simulation of a one-year natural outdoor ­weathering with 2000 MJ/m2, the elongation of the 646 % (minimum value 350 %), i.e. equivalent to a reduction in elongation of 6.1 % (permissible 30 %) related to the new state. Weather resistance was thus given.

Change in measure after hot storage

The dimensional changes after hot storage at 80 °C of warm air was longitudinally at -0.4 % and transversely -0.1 % below the permitted limit of ≤ 2 %. The temperature resistance was thus given.

Gas permeability

Oxygen permeability at 0.2 bar was film with 143 cm³/(m² · d) lower than the maximum permissible value 250 cm³/(m² · d).


The criteria tested in this DLG quality seal test are evaluated on the basis of laboratory tests the mechanical, physical, chemical and aging properties of the Triocare silage film, white/black, UV-stabilized, 150 microns. The tested silage film Triocare, white/black, UV-stabilized, 150 microns, has met the requirements of the test frame with regard to the criteria examined.



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Test implementation

DLG TestService GmbH, Gross-Umstadt location
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DLG test framework
DLG quality seal test "for recyclate-free and
recyclate-containing silage films made of low-density polyethylene (PE-LD) with and without barrier layers", (current as of 11/2022)

Farm inputs

Head of Department
Dr. Ulrich Rubenschuh

Test engineer(s)
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