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Josera GmbH Kleinheubach Mineral feed for cattle, mineral feed for pigs, milk replacers for dairy calves

DLG-QUALITY MARK: Supplementary “Product and Process” test

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The DLG quality mark

The DLG quality mark for farm inputs and consumables is awarded to products that have passed a comprehensive test which verifies their value-determining features and properties as declared by the manufacturer. The criteria tested and the requirements to be met by the product are defined by independent test commissions, taking into account statutory requirements, the purpose of the product, its declared properties and user requirements. The test procedures and product requirements are developed by the relevant DLG e.V. department and the relevant commission. The procedures and requirements are in line with governing law and the state of the art in technology and science. After a product has passed the test, it is awarded the DLG quality mark and all products which have received the quality mark are published.

Test results

Type of feed and criteria Requirement met
All types of feed tested    
Bulk elements better than the regular type
Trace elements better than the regular type
Vitamins better than the regular type
Feeding directions clear and easy to understand
Declaration complies with the tolerances specified by animal feed regulations
Mineral feed for pigs    
Amino acids (if applicable) better than the regular type
Milk replacer for dairy calves    
Nutrients better than the regular type
Amino acids better than the regular type
Supplementary “Product and Process” test Requirement met
Factory audit complies with DLG codex on compound feeds
Composition of the feed complies with the declared composition
Inhibition assay negative


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