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Firestone Building Products EMEA EPDM silage covers

black / 0,8 mm

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The certification mark

The DLG QUALITY SEAL for operating equipment and consum­ables encompasses products, which are subjected to extensive testing of their value-determining and advertised characteristics. The tested criteria and the requirements to be fulfilled are specified by independent commissions and are designed – over and above legal requirements – to prove the product’s fitness for purpose, its advertised characteristics and practical requirements. Testing contents and requirements are developed further by the responsible specialist departments of the DLG e.V. in line with the applicable legislation, as well as with technical and scientific progress. Successful testing is concluded with the assignment of the DLG QUALITY SEAL. The approved products are then published. Other criteria were not investigated.

Test results

Table 1: Assessment in brief
Film dimensions ≥ nominal length, ≥ 98% nominal width
Film thickness 0.760 ≤ d ≤ 0.840 mm
Material condition evenly coloured
Tearing force in new condition longitudinally, transversely, over seam ≥ 50 N/cm
Elongation of tears in new condition longitudinally, transversely ≥ 350 %, over seam ≥ 175 %
Tear resistance in new condition longitudinally, transversely, over seam ≥ 50 N/cm
Dart drop resistance in new condition > 2,500 g
Elongation of tear transversely after acid storage reduction ≤ 15 %
Tear resistance transverse after acid storage reduction < 10 %
Elongation of tears transversely after aging (weathering) no cracks (rating level 0)
Change in size after warm storage after aging longitudinally, transversely < 2 %
Oxygen permeability in 0,2 bar < 250 cm³/(m² · d)versely < 2 %



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